The Pad Soleil Invention – Now a Top-Seller at Bed Bath & Beyond® – First Started as Just an Idea

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Do you remember the feeling of laying back on a piece of metal patio furniture on a hot day and then scorching your arms as soon as you rested them on the metal armrests? Well, several years ago, a pair of inventors from Arizona came up with a solution to this irritating problem that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. They call their new product the Pad Soleil (“soleil” being the French word for “sun”).

Pad Soleil products are attractively-designed, foam-filled polyester pads that never get uncomfortably hot – no matter how long they’re out in the sun. With these pads secured to the metal armrests, patio furniture can be enjoyed without any risk of burning one’s arms. Now, they just needed to patent and market their invention.

Next Step: Seek Patent Protection

The Pad Soleil inventors came to Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, P.C. seeking effective patent protection. They were delighted to realize that they could also get help to market their invention.

After completing a Patent Search, Russ Weinzimmer himself completed a successful Patent Application for the innovative outdoor furniture design that eventually issued as a Design Patent:

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Invention Market Analyst Joe Carlen Then Created the Commercialization Plan

As soon as the Patent Application was prepared and filed, the inventors began commercializing the invention by working with Invention Market Analyst Joe Carlen, a Senior Associate of Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, P.C.

Joe Carlen proceeded to formulate a commercialization plan for the Pad Soleil, focused on attaining placement in established U.S. retail companies, starting with an extensive list of possible retail chains.

Soon after, Mr. Carlen also provided a professional press release (published on PRWeb) that was used to further bolster the credibility of the new Pad Soleil brand. The press release was featured prominently on the inventors’ new website:

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Professional Outreach Letter Drafted

Crucially, Mr. Carlen also provided a professionally-written and highly persuasive Outreach Letter for the prospects on the aforementioned list, highlighting important features and benefits of the product, and the growing market for which it was designed. Having communicated with executives about new products for decades, Joe Carlen knew how to craft these messages in a way that resonated with executives at major companies.

Result: Invention Sold through Major Retailers

Using his letter as the basis for all their outreach efforts, the Pad Soleil team reached out to top-tier retailers in the industry. The result? A quick Google search of Pad Soleil tells the rest of the story – the product is being sold in two of the largest and most prestigious retailers for an outdoor furniture accessory: in Bed Bath & Beyond® stores across the country, and in the Better Homes & Garden catalog.

Pad Soleil is also now sold on the Wayfair website:

Pad Soleil inventors market invention on wafair website

Strategic Patent Law Brings Your Invention From Your Mind to the Marketplace®

This is just one success story showing how the law firm of Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, P.C. performs its From Your Mind to The Marketplace® process for the benefit of clients who want to patent and market their inventions. Senior members of the firm’s team carried forward a great concept from the minds of the Pad Soleil inventors, communicated it to the US Patent Office in a manner that secured intellectual property protection, and then helped bring it to the marketplace in some of America’s top national retail outlets!

Pad Soleil armchair pads patent figure
Pad Soleil inventors market invention on bedbathbeyond website

Professional Help to Patent and Market your Invention

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