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If you’re searching for a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts, we can help. Our Massachusetts Patent Attorneys specialize in providing Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Patent Prosecution, Patent Licensing, Trademark Applications, and also Copyright Registrations for innovators, business owners, and also smaller businesses needing a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts. Call us for a Free Consultation prior to implementing any decisions that might affect your Intellectual Property protection.

Extensive and Professional Technical Skills

Our Massachusetts Patent Attorneys have professional and comprehensive technical track records which empower us to collaborate with prominent engineers, researchers, medical doctors, as well as various other high-tech experts on even some of the most challenging innovations. We speak to innovators in their own language, putting them at ease and also saving time, during the process of preparing effective Patent Applications.

Business Skill Applied to Your Patent Process

We take the time to understand your company objectives to ensure our professional services successfully assist you to reach your goals. We teach our clients about all available solutions, which helps our clients to make the best decisions for great outcomes. When producing your Patent Application, our Massachusetts Patent Attorneys apply marketing writing skills to prepare a document you can utilize to bring in investors and also negotiate licensing agreements.

Big Law Firm Know-how Available on a Small-sized Business Budget

We serve the entire State of Massachusetts, and our clients receive premium patent work and representation at a competitive price. Without the overhead of over-priced downtown office space, our Patent Attorneys in Massachusetts can offer senior-level, individual professional service for those small-scale clients that large Massachusetts Patent Law Firms overlook.

Do I Need a Local Massachusetts Patent Attorney?

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Since Patent Law is based on Federal Law, businesses and innovators in Massachusetts can hire any US Patent Attorney, no matter where the Patent Attorney completes the work. Additionally, since Patent Attorneys have a range of capabilities and specialty areas, it makes good sense to look past your local area in Massachusetts to find the best fit. Since locally found Patent Attorneys in Massachusetts are frequently specialized to serve the larger businesses in the area, people and small-sized businesses in Massachusetts oftentimes do not get the best professional service from a local Massachusetts Patent Attorney.

By comparison, our Patent Attorneys help individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-sized businesses nationally, providing services more individualized and tailored to the requirements of smaller clients than normally offered by a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts. Rather than maintain a network of local business offices, which would add significant overhead, we are extremely proficient at working remotely with clients all over Massachusetts, applying modern technology to improve communication and be more reachable than a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts.

Patent Attorneys are Federally Licensed — You’re Not Restricted to Only Massachusetts Patent Attorneys

All Patent Attorneys must pass the United States Patent Bar Exam. Actually, when preparing a Patent Application, state law is not involved. Just knowledge and experience applying the Federal Patent Laws, Rules, and Regulations concerning Patent Preparation are needed to write a successful Patent Application. A Patent Attorney from any US State can prepare patent applications for Massachusetts inventors and companies.

You Don’t Need a Local Massachusetts Patent Attorney — You Need the Best Fit

  • You need a patent attorney that understands how to enhance the business value of your patent.
  • You need a patent attorney who serves entrepreneurial innovators.
  • You need a patent attorney that is accessible nights and Saturdays and Sundays to answer your inquiries on the phone without sending an invoice.
  • You need a patent attorney with predictable flat prices.
  • You need a patent attorney that can help you market your innovation, bringing it From Your Mind to the Marketplace®.
  • You need a patent attorney with fantastic Reviews.

Notable Patents from Massachusetts Inventors

telephone patent drawing filed by a Massachusetts Patent Attorney

Alexander Graham BellSalem, MA
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and revolutionized communication as we know it. A few days after he was granted his telephone patent, he made the first-ever telephone call to his assistant, Thomas Watson, uttering the now-famous phrase: “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

zig-zag sewing machine patent illustration filed by a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts

Helen BlanchardBoston, MA
Inventor of the zig-zag sewing machine, Helen Blanchard’s improvements to the sewing machine allowed for the growth of the commercial sewing industry. Twenty-two of her twenty-eight patented inventions were installed in large factories.

John J. LoudWeymouth, MA
John J. Loud, lawyer and inventor, was frustrated that fountain pens could not write on rougher materials like wood and leather, and he invented the ballpoint pen as a solution.

Milton BradleySpringfield, MA
Milton Bradley invented the popular board game The Game of Life, with the game’s board mirroring the ups and downs of his own career. By 1861, he’d sold 45,000 copies of the game and was bundling it into a popular game pack for Civil War soldiers.

microwave patent illustration filed by a Massachusetts Patent Attorney

Percy SpencerWest Newton, MA
The microwave oven, a standard of the modern kitchen, was famously invented by accident. Percy Spencer was working on a radar magnetron when he noticed that a candy bar in his pocket had melted. The next year, the first commercial microwave oven was released, weighing almost 750 pounds and costing more than $2,000.

Earl TupperUpton, MA
In 1946, chemist Earl Tupper developed lightweight, durable plastic containers for food storage. He was inspired by the seal on paint cans to create the airtight seal on his Tupperware containers. Potential customers often didn’t understand how the containers worked and needed demonstrations, leading to direct-marketing “Tupperware parties.”

safety razor patent figure filed by a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts

King C. GilletteBrookline, MA
King C. Gillette invented the first disposable razor out of frustration at his dull shaving razor, which needed professional sharpening. Realizing that the only important part of the razor was the sharp tip, he patented Gillette’s safety razor with disposable blades in 1901 and changed the industry forever.

Feng ZhangCambridge, MA
CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene editing tool first developed at UC Berkeley to modify single-celled organisms, then improved at Harvard and MIT to work on multi-celled organisms. Today, CRISPR gene modification is used to modify crops and livestock, as well as to treat human patients with ailments such as leukemia.

spreadsheet patent illustration filed by a Massachusetts Patent Attorney

Dan BricklinNewton Highlands, MA
Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented VisiCalc, the precursor to modern digital spreadsheets like Excel. At that time, patents for software inventions were infrequently granted, and a Massachusetts Patent Attorney advised them not to apply. In 1981, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Diamond v. Diehr changed the likelihood of receiving patents on software inventions, but too late to to protect Visicalc. They could only patent improvements to their spreadsheet software.

More Patents filed by Massachusetts Patent Attorneys

monkey-wrench patent drawing filed by a Massachusetts Patent Attorney

Loring CoesSpringfield, MA
The 1841 Loring Coes patent for the “monkey wrench” was the basis for monkey wrenches manufactured for the next century. This new screw wrench could be used and adjusted with one hand, instead of two.

Edwin LandCambridge, MA
Edwin Land, father of instant photography and founder of Polaroid, had 535 patents in his name, making him the third most prolific U.S. inventor. In 1943, his three-year-old daughter asked him why she couldn’t see a photo he had taken of her right away. Inspired, Land invented a camera that instantly printed photographs the moment they were captured. The Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 was first sold in 1948.

speaker patent figure filed by a Patent Attorney in Massachusetts

Amar BoseWayland, MA
As a student at MIT, Amar Bose learned that 80% of the sound heard by a person in a concert hall is indirect (bounced off the ceiling and walls) rather than direct from stage to ear. In 1968, Bose applied this concept to his 901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system invention: one of the first stereo loudspeakers to utilize the space around them. Bose’s 901® speakers remained an industry standard for 25 years.

Massachusetts Patent Facts

#3 State for Most Inventions Per Capita Over the Past Fifty Years

With 3 patented inventions per 1,000 people, Massachusetts ranks #3 out of all states for most inventions per capita. Which means Massachusetts Patent Attorneys are some of the busiest in the country. The most prolific Massachusetts inventors were individuals, followed by storage hardware firm EMC Corp and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massachusetts Universities Rank #2, #8, and #37 for Most Issued Patents

For the 2018 ranking of the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranked #2 for issued U.S. patents, Harvard ranked #8 for issued U.S. patents, and the University of Massachusetts ranked #37.

Researchers at MIT Filed 439 Patents in 2021

A leading global research university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology attracts some of the most brilliant young minds to its Cambridge, MA campus. Last year, researchers at MIT filed 439 patents and 25 companies formed using the school’s intellectual property.

Massachusetts Ranks #1 for the Highest Percentage of Women Patent Practitioners

Considering all US Patent & Trademark Office registrations, Massachusetts is the most gender-diverse state, with 30.4% women practicing as Massachusetts Patent Attorneys. Nationally, women only make up 21.8% of USPTO registered attorneys and agents.

Invent New England is One of the Oldest Inventor Clubs in the US

Founded in 1977, Invent New England (INE) is one of the oldest inventor clubs in the United States. Veteran and novice inventors with a common interest in helping each other turn ideas into reality meet for guidance, support and education related to licensing, intellectual property, prototyping, product development and marketing.

Invent New England club for NE inventors and Massachusetts patent attorneys

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Patent Attorney Explains How to File a Patent logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

When you file a patent the right way, you protect your valuable invention, but filing it the wrong way can mean losing its benefits. Russ Weinzimmer explains the right way to handle patentability searches, prior art improvements, what goes into filing a patent application, the examination process, and asserting your patent rights.

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit claims InventHelp is a scam, preying upon low income people, and either does nothing or delivers subpar work.

According to the lawsuit, the InventHelp scam goes like this: At the initial visit, inventors are told their invention is original and potentially highly profitable, even when similar products already exist. Then InventHelp charges thousands of dollars to commercialize their invention, offering a high-interest loan if they can’t afford those steep fees. Once the money is in hand, InventHelp disappears and dodges calls for months or years. Eventually they resurface, claiming a company is now interested in their invention. After charging thousands more for licensing or manufacturing deals, InventHelp once again disappears.

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Trademark a Name AND a Logo for Your Business

Trademark a Name AND a Logo for Your Business

Failing to trademark a name and logo leaves your business vulnerable to copycats who could use your logo with a different name.

If another company uses your trademark, either your name or logo, your company can lose sales and reputation. When customers buy from a competitor because they’re confused by the infringement of your trademark, you lose sales that should have been yours. And bad knockoffs using your trademark can ruin your reputation in the marketplace if customers incorrectly associate their bad experience with your company.

For trademarks, you need to separately protect all your branding: separately trademark a name and logo, as well as any slogans or catch-phrases.



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