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If you’re looking for a Patent Attorney in Texas, call us for a free consultation. Our Texas Patent Attorneys provide Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Filing, and Prosecution services for small companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and inventors in Texas. We emphasize maximizing the business value of Patents and Trademarks. One way we do this is to ensure that the Patent Application conveys the value and uniqueness of your invention, so the Patent Application can be used to help sell or license your invention in Texas, or anywhere else.

Our Tech Skills are Extensive and Varied

Our Texas Patent Attorneys have extensive and varied technical education and experience with a wide variety of technologies, spanning many industries including Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Devices, Optical Devices, Electronic Devices, and Mechanical Devices. We can quickly understand your invention. Our combined experience of over 80 years allows us to handle anything from the simple to the complex, so we can formulate and implement effective patent strategies.

Our Business Skills Create Effective Legal Documents

In addition to decades of legal experience combined with technical experience in a variety of industries, we also bring to bear experience as Entrepreneurs, so that we can add value by leveraging our business skills for your benefit. For example, the Patent Application that our Patent Attorneys in Texas write for you can be used to help you sell your invention to potential licensees, and can be used to help you attract the interest of a potential partner or investor.

Big Firm Quality – Small Firm Attention

We bring large firm skills and experience to smaller companies, start-ups, and individuals in Texas that would not get adequate attention from a Patent Attorney in Texas at a large patent firm. So, you get more personal attention from a Senior Level Patent Attorney, which is essential to creating a higher quality patent application.

Do I Need a Local Texas Patent Attorney?

Select the Right Patent Attorney for YOU:
One That Focuses on Inventors, Start-Ups, and Small Businesses

Since Patent Law is based on Federal Law, companies and inventors in Texas can hire any US Patent Attorney, regardless of where the Patent Attorney performs the work. Further, since Patent Attorneys have a wide range of specializations and abilities, it makes sense to look beyond your local area in Texas to find the best fit. Since locally found Patent Attorneys in Texas are usually specialized to serve the larger corporations locally, individuals and small companies in Texas often do not get the best service from a local Texas Patent Attorney.

By contrast, our Patent Attorneys serve individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small companies nationwide, offering services more personalized and tailored to the needs of smaller clients than typically provided by a Patent Attorney in Texas. Rather than maintain a network of local offices, which would add substantial overhead, we are highly skilled at working remotely with clients all over Texas, using technology to enhance communication and be more reachable than a Patent Attorney in Texas.

Patent Attorneys are Federally Licensed — You’re Not Limited to Only Texas Patent Attorneys

All Patent Attorneys must pass the US Patent Bar Exam. In fact, when preparing a Patent Application, state law is not involved. Only knowledge and experience applying the Federal Patent Laws, Rules, and Regulations regarding Patent Preparation are needed to draft an effective Patent Application. Consequently, a Patent Attorney from any US State can prepare patent applications for Texas inventors and Texas companies.

You Don’t Need a Local Texas Patent Attorney — You Need the Right Fit

  • You need a patent attorney that understands how to increase the business value of your patent.
  • You need a patent attorney that caters to entrepreneurial inventors.
  • You need a patent attorney who is available evenings and weekends to answer your questions on the phone without sending a bill.
  • You need a patent attorney with predictable flat fees.
  • You need a patent attorney that can help you commercialize your invention, taking it From Your Mind to the Marketplace®.
  • You need a patent attorney with great Testimonials.
Patent Attorney in Texas

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Patent Attorney in Texas

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Notable Patents from Texas Inventors

calculator patent drawing filed by a Texas Patent Attorney

Jack S. KilbyDallas, TX
Nobel Laureate, co-inventor, and patent holder of the world’s first hand-held calculator, which laid the foundation of modern calculators.

Thomas D. CroninHouston, TX
Along with his colleague Frank Gerow, Thomas Cronin invented the world’s first silicone breast implant, and received a patent for surgically implantable breast prosthesis.

lithium battery patent illustration filed by a Patent Attorney in Texas

John B. GoodenoughAustin, TX
Another Nobel laureate and the patent holder of Lithium-Ion batteries, a revolutionary invention that now powers almost all of our electronic devices.

Judson PewtherFort Bliss, TX
Patented the quintessential toy arrows which can be safely shot without harming anyone.

George Ware FultonFulton, TX
Invented the first commercial refrigerated meat packery, used for the purpose of chilling and curing beef for shipment from Fulton, TX to Liverpool, England, and other destinations.

drill bit patent figure filed by a Texas Patent Attorney

Howard HughesHouston, TX
The Hughes Two-Cone Drill Bit found most of the oil in Texas and made Howard Hughes the richest man in the world! His invention drilled holes straighter and faster, and for the seventeen years that the patent on it ran (1934 through 1951) Hughes’ market share approached 100%.

Texas Patent Stats

#1 State for Most Patent Applications Filed

From 1996 to 2018, Texas had the most patent filings of any state in the USA. For two decades, 20% of the nation’s patents have been filed in Texas. That makes Texas Patent Attorneys some of the busiest in the country.

University of Texas #4 in the World for Most Issued Patents

According to the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents for 2020 report, the University of Texas ranked #4 in the world for most issued U.S. patents. In 2020, researchers from University of Texas collectively were granted 207 utility patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

University of Texas institutions have earned one of the top 5 spots in this ranking for three consecutive years.

Texas is the Patent Litigation Capital of the United States!

In the first half of 2020, businesses and individuals filed double the number of patent complaints in Texas from a year earlier and twice as many as any other state.

As of June 30, 2020, new patent complaints increased 33% in the Eastern District of Texas, which includes Marshall and Tyler. New patent violation cases jumped 43% in the Southern District, which covers Houston. And in Waco, part of the Western District of Texas, new patent infringement cases jumped a historic 350% over the past year. Waco is now the most popular court in the U.S. for Texas Patent Attorneys to litigate intellectual property disputes.

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We make the effort to understand your business objectives so that our service effectively helps you reach your goals. We offer an informative free initial telephone consultation. All consultations with an attorney regarding your technical ideas and legal matters are confidential, whether you choose to hire the firm or not.


  • I am very appreciative of Russ's way of explaining why it wouldn't be a good idea to move forward in the patent process. He saved me potentially thousands of dollars.

    Russ Weinzimmer is a wonderful attorney. I am very pleased with all that he did for me. I was looking to patent an invention that I had designed and he gave me professional counsel that was professional, honest and up-front. When you call his office you get him, not a secretary. I spoke with him on three occasions concerning my invention and he did his very best to make sure my invention can be protected by patent law. Even though we came to the conclusion that it could not be patented, I am very appreciative of Russ's way of explaining why it wouldn't be a good idea to move forward in the patent process. He saved me potentially thousands of dollars and he did not charge me a single penny for his services. He told me that we would talk about cost if the invention was able to be patented. ... Read More I really appreciate his hard work and counsel and I recommend him to anyone looking into patenting an invention. Thank you Russ!

    Jesus G.

  • In my humble estimation, Russ and his staff are the best in the industry.

    First and foremost, I would like to thank Russ and his team for their diligence and dedication. I've had the pleasure of working with Russ over the past 5 years in obtaining my patent. From the start, I found Russ knowledgeable, energetic, and most of all very professional. I often had doubts about the patent process, and made numerous calls to Russ.

    Each and every time Russ or someone from his staff would always either return my calls, or address them on the spot putting me at ease. The entire staff is very friendly, and most of all trustworthy. Mary MacKinnon Boyd was excellent at keeping me in the loop about all the administrative aspects regarding the patent process. In my humble estimation, Russ and his staff are the best in the industry. I have and will continue to recommend anyone seeking a patent to this knowledgeable firm. ... Read More For anyone reading this testimonial with any questions about the veracity of these comments, feel free to contact me -- that is how much I believe in this team!

    Anthony McCoy

  • Joe and his team built a VERY professional website. I'm very pleased!

    After providing me with a comprehensive and well-written market roadmap (market assessment & commercialization plan), Joe and his team built a VERY professional website. I'm very pleased! The invention animation video they wrote, narrated and developed is also excellent.

    Larry Williams

  • The CIMA prepared for me by Joe Carlen gave me the path forward in terms of commercialization.

    The CIMA that was prepared for me by Joe Carlen is essential for any inventor. The CIMA was detailed and gave great insight in regards to the market which would garner the most potential for my invention. It also gave me the path forward in terms of commercialization. Moreover Joe is timely, personable and incredibly knowledgeable in the marketing arena.

    Anthony McCoy


Trademark a Name AND a Logo for Your Business

Trademark a Name AND a Logo for Your Business

Failing to trademark a name and logo leaves your business vulnerable to copycats who could use your logo with a different name.

If another company uses your trademark, either your name or logo, your company can lose sales and reputation. When customers buy from a competitor because they’re confused by the infringement of your trademark, you lose sales that should have been yours. And bad knockoffs using your trademark can ruin your reputation in the marketplace if customers incorrectly associate their bad experience with your company.

For trademarks, you need to separately protect all your branding: separately trademark a name and logo, as well as any slogans or catch-phrases.

The Cheri Hill Show Radio Interview: Trademarks

The Cheri Hill Show Radio Interview: Trademarks

The Cheri Hill Show invited expert Russ Weinzimmer to discuss trademarks and how they can help your business. A trademark is one of the most important business assets that a company will ever own, because it identifies and distinguishes the company and its products or services in the marketplace from its competitors. Therefore, it is good practice for all business owners to take sufficient action to protect and enforce valuable trademarks.

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit alleges that InventHelp made false representations that consumer ideas were eligible for patents and misled them into purchasing services agreements.

The lawsuit claims that InventHelp’s purposefully incomplete patent searches and basic information package reports are part of InventHelp’s ploy to convince consumers that their inventions are marketable and/or patentable, and con them into signing contracts for more expensive Submission Services. The “Preliminary Patentability Opinions” claim that customers’ proposed inventions are eligible to receive patents, when, in fact, there often already exist “dead ringer” patents that would prevent these inventions from receiving patents.

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp Data Bank Is Worthless

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp Data Bank Is Worthless

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit claims InventHelp fraudulently took money from consumers and failed to deliver on their Submission Services Agreements.

The lawsuit alleges that InventHelp aggressively advertised to hopeful inventors and then extracted exorbitant fees, ranging from $8,900 to $16,900, in exchange for submitting inventors’ ideas to compatible companies in its proprietary Data Bank. This Data Bank, keystone of InventHelp’s services, supposedly contains companies that have agreed to review ideas and signed confidentiality agreements with InventHelp. But the Data Bank is not accurate, includes many companies that are non-existent or have no relationship with InventHelp, and inventions were frequently mismatched with incompatible companies, therefore making inventor submissions worthless.

Inventors Market New Product: ReeferShield

Inventors Market New Product: ReeferShield

The result of over a decade of prototyping and testing, the ReeferShield is a system of straps and pads that protect and secure the doors of refrigerated semi-trailers, called “Reefer Units”, while making it easy for drivers to open the doors for servicing or inspection.

The ReeferShield inventors developed a unique solution to an industry-wide problem, and successfully pursued patent rights, resulting in an issued US Patent. Then, Senior Associate Joe Carlen implemented an ambitious data-driven commercialization plan that continues to deliver real success for the Hadleys as they market their new product to trucking companies throughout the US and internationally.

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses InventHelp of Fraud

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses InventHelp of Fraud

A New York class action lawsuit claims InventHelp bilked inventors into paying millions of dollars for invention promotion services that were not provided.

The two lead Plaintiffs tell similar stories: naïve, aspiring inventors who were lured by slick television and internet advertisements, told that their ideas were unique and potentially lucrative, then offered services to commercialize their ideas. They claim they were strung along by a series of seemingly independent entities that were actually acting in concert, including promotion companies, a money lender, patent attorneys, licensing companies, manufacturers and distribution companies, all of whom took their money and failed to deliver the promised services.



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