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If you’re searching for a Patent Attorney in Louisiana, we can help. Our Louisiana Patent Attorneys focus on providing Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Patent Prosecution, Patent Licensing, Trademark Applications, and Copyright Registrations for inventors, small business owners, and small-scale companies needing a Patent Attorney in Louisiana. Call us for a Free Consultation before carrying out any kind of choices that may possibly have an effect on your Intellectual Property protection.

Comprehensive and Advanced Tech Capabilities

Our Louisiana Patent Attorneys have wide-ranging and professional tech experience which help us to work with world-class engineers, researchers, physicians, as well as various other high-tech experts on even the most complicated technologies. We speak with inventors in their own language, putting them at ease and also saving time, while managing to prepare successful Patent Applications.

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We take the initiative to appreciate your organization’s goals to make sure that our services effectively assist you to accomplish those goals. We inform our clients concerning all available choices, which makes it easy for our clients to make the optimal decisions for great outcomes. When writing your Patent Application, our Louisiana Patent Attorneys apply marketing writing skills to create a legal document you can use to appeal to investors and also negotiate licensing offers.

Big Law Firm Expertise Accessible on a Small-scale Company Budget

We serve the entire State of Louisiana, and our clients get top quality patent work and representation at an affordable cost. Without the expenses of high priced downtown office space, our Patent Attorneys in Louisiana can deliver senior-level, individual professional service for those small-scale clients that bigger Louisiana Patent Law Firms ignore.

Do I Require a Local Louisiana Patent Attorney?

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Since Patent Law is based upon Federal Law, companies and inventors in Louisiana can choose any US Patent Attorney, regardless of where the Patent Attorney completes the job. Moreover, because Patent Attorneys have a large range of skills and specializations, it makes good sense to look beyond your local area in Louisiana to search for the right fit. Since locally found Patent Attorneys in Louisiana are generally specialized to work for the bigger businesses locally, individuals and small-scale businesses in Louisiana commonly do not get the best service from a local Louisiana Patent Attorney.

By contrast, our Patent Attorneys work with people, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and smaller companies across the country, delivering professional services more individualized and suited to the requirements of smaller sized clients than normally provided by a Patent Attorney in Louisiana. Rather than sustain a network of local offices, which would certainly add considerable overhead, we are extremely experienced at working remotely with clients throughout Louisiana, utilizing modern technology to improve communication and be more reachable than a Patent Attorney in Louisiana.

Patent Attorneys are Federally Licensed — You’re Not Restricted to Just Louisiana Patent Attorneys

All Patent Attorneys have to pass the United States Patent Bar Examination. When preparing a Patent Application, state law is not involved. Knowledge and experience applying the Federal Patent Laws, Rules, and Regulations are all that’s needed to draft an effective Patent Application. A Patent Attorney from any US State can prepare patent applications for Louisiana inventors and Louisiana companies.

You Don’t Need a Local Louisiana Patent Attorney — You Need the Right Fit

  • You need a patent attorney who understands how to maximize the business valuation of your patent.
  • You need a patent attorney who caters to entrepreneurial inventors.
  • You need a patent attorney that is available nights and Saturdays and Sundays to answer your questions on the phone without sending an invoice.
  • You need a patent attorney with predictable flat rates.
  • You need a patent attorney that can help you commercialize your innovation, taking it From Your Mind to the Marketplace®.
  • You need a patent attorney with excellent Testimonials.

Notable Patents from Louisiana Inventors

Higgins Boat

Andrew Jackson HigginsNew Orleans, LA

Higgins boat patent illustration filed by a Louisiana Patent Attorney

Louisiana played a pivotal role in winning World War II, thanks to the Higgins Boat invented by Andrew Higgins. Higgins, a New Orleans-based boat builder and inventor, created and produced landing craft that were vital to the U.S. military’s success during World War II. The most notable was the Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP), also known as the Higgins Boat, which became the standard personnel landing craft during the war. It was instrumental in landing American troops on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. The LCVP could carry 36 combat-equipped infantrymen, a Jeep and 12 troops, or 8,100 pounds of cargo. It had a crew of four, could float in 3 feet of water, reached speeds of 12 knots, and was armed with two .30 caliber machine guns.

Venetian Blind Pulleys

John HampsonNew Orleans, LA

Venetian blind pulley patent illustration filed by a Patent Attorney in Louisiana

Mayor of Carrollton, LA and railway engineer, John Hampson noticed that the shaking movement on trains caused problems with the slats of Venetian blinds, leading to frequent expensive repairs and replacements. He invented a pulley system that would hold the slats in place, making the blinds more stable. His invention also made it possible for people to control the angle of the slats. The same mechanism is still being used in blinds today.

Tabasco Sauce

Edmund McIlhennyNew Iberia, LA

Tabasco sauce drawing patented by a Louisiana Patent Attorney

Edmund McIlhenny, a food lover and avid gardener, received Capsicum frutescens pepper seeds from Mexico or Central America and planted them in his garden on Avery Island, South Louisiana. He crushed the red peppers, mixed them with Avery Island salt, aged the mixture for a month, and then combined it with white wine vinegar, aging it for another month. He patented his Tabasco Sauce invention in 1870, and began marketing it along the Gulf Coast. Within a few years, it became popular around the country.

Wrinkle-Free Cotton

Ruth BeneritoNew Orleans, LA
Chemist Ruth Benerito had a distinguished career, receiving over 55 patents and numerous accolades, including the Garvan Medal from the American Chemical Society and the Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award. Even after her retirement, she continued to teach at Tulane University and the University of New Orleans until she was 81. While working at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Benerito specialized in using cellulose chemistry to solve practical problems in the textile, wood, and paper industries. Her research demonstrated that bonding specific reagents to cellulose prevented fibers from creasing, thus creating a wrinkle-resistant cotton fabric that was also stain and flame-resistant. Her invention saved the cotton industry and enabled it to compete with nylon and spandex as a “wash and wear” clothing material.

Multiple-Effect Evaporator

Norbert RillieuxNew Orleans, LA

multiple-effect evaporator patent drawing filed by a Patent Attorney in Louisiana

Norbert Rillieux, a Louisiana Creole inventor and one of the earliest chemical engineers, is renowned for his groundbreaking invention of the multiple-effect evaporator. His invention revolutionized the sugar industry by increasing efficiency and reducing production costs. It replaced a dangerous, labor-intensive process, producing higher-quality sugar with less fuel. Rillieux’s improvements propelled the U.S. to a leading position in global sugar production and transformed sugar from a luxury item to an everyday commodity. His invention is still used today not only in sugar production, but also for manufacturing soap, gelatin, condensed milk, and glue, as well as for recovering waste liquids in factories and distilleries.

Ice Machine

John GorrieNew Orleans, LA

ice machine patent figure filed by a Louisiana Patent Attorney

Physician John Gorrie discovered the cold-air process of refrigeration through experiments aimed at lowering the temperature of yellow-fever patients by cooling hospital rooms. Previously, ice was shipped by boat from northern lakes until Gorrie invented and patented the first ice machine utilizing the rapid expansion of gases to create refrigeration. His unique and somewhat primitive system of blowing air against ice-cold cloths was even used as a treatment for the dying President Garfield in 1881.

Louisiana Patent Facts

LSU Ranked #77 in the Top 100 Universities Worldwide Granted US Patents in 2020

Louisiana State University (LSU) ranked in the top 100 universities in the world for U.S. patents granted in 2020. LSU inventors across the state obtained 38 U.S. utility patents for their innovative work in science and engineering, with the flagship Baton Rouge campus contributing 26 of these patents. This achievement propelled LSU to the 77th position in the global rankings for 2020, as reported by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO). Previously, LSU ranked 94th in 2016 and 98th in 2017.

LSU Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization Director Andrew Maas and his team have implemented several strategic programs to boost LSU’s patent and licensing success rate. A key program is LSU’s designation as a National Science Foundation I-Corps Site, which supports LSU faculty, staff, and students in commercializing their inventions. The LSU I-Corps program helps inventors form a team consisting of the lead inventor, an entrepreneurial lead, and a business mentor, who conduct crucial market and commercialization assessments. Additionally, the LSU LIFT2 Fund provides financial support to bridge the gap between basic research and commercialization, addressing a common challenge in bringing academic innovations to market. Building a team and securing funding increases the likelihood of commercial success for each invention.

Two Louisiana Universities Ranked in the Top 100 US Universities Granted Patents in 2023

According to the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)’s Top 100 U.S. Universities List for 2023, LSU ranked #56 in the nation with 35 patents. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette ranked #94 with 14 patents.

New Orleans Ranks Third Nationally in Patent Growth

The New Orleans metro area saw a 103.6% increase in utility patents granted per 100,000 residents from 2012 to 2022, ranking it third nationally in patent growth. This is compared to only an 11% growth per 100,000 residents nationally from 2012 to 2022. One company contributing to that increase is Haptech Inc. with 77 issued patents and 11 more pending. The New Orleans-based company was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters near the National WWII Museum.

New Orleans Considered for New Southeast Regional Patent Office

Under a 2011 law aimed at accelerating the patent application process, the USPTO plans to establish three satellite offices. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, along with seven of her eight Louisiana congressional colleagues, wrote to the Patent and Trademark Office advocating for New Orleans to be chosen as the location for the new Southeast Regional Office. Senator Landrieu emphasized that “A satellite office in New Orleans would be a logical and efficient hub focused on innovation and commerce in the Gulf South Region.

“Louisiana Inventors and Innovators” Documentary Profiles Six Louisiana Success Stories

On January 17, 2024, WYES premiered a new documentary titled “Louisiana Inventors and Innovators,” produced and narrated by Dennis Woltering. The documentary showcases six remarkable individuals from Louisiana whose inventions and innovations transformed industries and created employment opportunities for countless people.

Louisiana Inventors and Innovators documentary

Among the featured innovators is David Oreck, a marketing genius whose name appeared on more than 10 million vacuum cleaners sold worldwide. The documentary also highlights Ruth Fertel, a Louisiana native who built a global fine dining empire with her innovative concept for the Ruth’s Chris Steak House chain. J.M. Lapeyre’s inventions revolutionized the shrimp industry and other sectors, while Alden “Doc” Laborde’s groundbreaking rig design paved the way for modern international offshore drilling. Jerome Goldman also made significant contributions to offshore oil drilling, as well as international shipping, and left his mark on New Orleans’ skyline. The documentary also profiles Madam C.J. Walker, who overcame the challenges of poverty and racial discrimination during the Jim Crow era to become America’s first self-made female millionaire.

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Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit claims InventHelp is a scam, preying upon low income people, and either does nothing or delivers subpar work.

According to the lawsuit, the InventHelp scam goes like this: At the initial visit, inventors are told their invention is original and potentially highly profitable, even when similar products already exist. Then InventHelp charges thousands of dollars to commercialize their invention, offering a high-interest loan if they can’t afford those steep fees. Once the money is in hand, InventHelp disappears and dodges calls for months or years. Eventually they resurface, claiming a company is now interested in their invention. After charging thousands more for licensing or manufacturing deals, InventHelp once again disappears.

Patent Attorneys: Why Having Business Experience Really Matters

Patent Attorneys: Why Having Business Experience Really Matters

FreeAdvice.com logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

A patent is primarily a business tool – so hiring a patent lawyer with business experience can be a valuable asset. Most patents are not litigated, so the key value of a patent is its business value. It takes a lot of technical and legal skill to draft a good patent, but business insight can substantially improve the value and effectiveness of a patent.

Patent Attorneys: Why Some Patent Law Firms Understand Your Situation Better

Patent Attorneys: Why Some Patent Law Firms Understand Your Situation Better

FreeAdvice.com logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

Many Patent Law Firms cater to corporate clients, so when individuals or small companies approach them, they don’t really get good attention. Invention Marketing Companies put the cart before the horse by marketing the invention before protecting it. Then as the inventor approaches the deadline to get a patent, they have run out of money or optimism.

Book Recommendations for Inventors

Book Recommendations for Inventors

Book recommendations for inventors who are looking to patent protect and commercialize their invention. Learn how to become an entrepreneur.

Includes books from the Strategic Patent Law Team:

The Everything Inventions & Patents Book
Consulting Attorney Russ Weinzimmer
Incorporate & Get Rich!
Cheri S. Hill
A Brief History of Entrepreneurship: The Pioneers, Profiteers, and Racketeers Who Shaped Our World
Joe Carlen
The Einstein of Money: The Life and Timeless Financial Wisdom of Benjamin Graham
Joe Carlen
From Lifeguard to Sun King: The Man Behind the Banana Boat Success Story
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