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Call us for a if you’re looking for a Patent Attorney in South Carolina. Our South Carolina Patent Attorneys deliver Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Filing, and Prosecution professional services for small-sized companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and also inventors in South Carolina. We emphasize boosting the business valuation of Patents and Trademarks. One way we accomplish this is to ensure that the Patent Application shows the value and originality of your invention, so the Patent Application can be utilized to help sell or license your innovation in South Carolina, or anyplace else.

Our Tech Skills are Extensive and Diversified

Our South Carolina Patent Attorneys have comprehensive and varied high-tech training and experience with a wide array of modern technologies, covering numerous industries including Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Devices, Optical Instruments, Electronic Tools, and Mechanical Tools. We can swiftly understand your invention. Our combined experience of over 80 years permits us to tackle anything from the simple to the complicated, so we can create and achieve effective patent solutions.

Our Business Skills Build Successful Legal Documents

Along with years of legal experience combined with tech practical experience in an array of industries, we likewise offer experience as Entrepreneurs, so that we can add value by leveraging our business skills for your advantage. As an example, the Patent Application that our Patent Attorneys in South Carolina draft for you can be used to enable you promote your invention to possible licensees, and also can be employed to enable you attract the attention of a prospective business partner or financier.

Large Firm Quality– Small Firm Treatment

We bring large firm skills and experience to smaller companies, start-ups, and individuals in South Carolina that would not get proper attention from a Patent Attorney in South Carolina at a big patent firm. You receive even more personal attention from a Senior Level Patent Attorney, which is necessary to crafting a higher quality patent application.

Do I Need a Local South Carolina Patent Attorney?

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Given That Patent Law is based on Federal Law, companies and innovators in South Carolina can choose any United States Patent Attorney, no matter where the Patent Attorney completes the work. Moreover, since Patent Attorneys have a vast array of abilities and specialty areas, it makes good sense to look beyond your local area in South Carolina to locate the best fit. Since locally found Patent Attorneys in South Carolina are usually specialized to help the bigger organizations in your area, people and smaller companies in South Carolina usually do not get the best professional service from a local South Carolina Patent Attorney.

By contrast, our Patent Attorneys help individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and small-sized companies nationwide, providing services more personalized and suited to the needs of smaller clients than generally provided by a Patent Attorney in South Carolina. Rather than maintain a network of local office spaces, which would certainly add considerable overhead, we are highly proficient at working remotely with clients all over South Carolina, applying modern technology to improve communication and be more reachable than a Patent Attorney in South Carolina.

Patent Attorneys are Federally Licensed — You’re Not Restricted to Just South Carolina Patent Attorneys

All Patent Attorneys need to pass the US Patent Bar Exam. In fact, when preparing a Patent Application, state law is not involved. Solely knowledge and experience applying the Federal Patent Laws, Rules, and Regulations regarding Patent Preparation are needed to draft an effective Patent Application. A Patent Attorney from any USA State can prepare patent applications for South Carolina inventors and businesses.

You Do Not Need a Local South Carolina Patent Attorney — You Need the Right Fit

  • You need a patent attorney that knows how to enhance the business valuation of your patent.
  • You need a patent attorney that serves entrepreneurial innovators.
  • You need a patent attorney who is accessible nights and weekends to answer your inquiries on the phone without sending a bill.
  • You need a patent attorney with predictable flat fees.
  • You need a patent attorney that can help you market your innovation, bringing it From Your Mind to the Marketplace®.
  • You need a patent attorney with exceptional Testimonials.

Notable Patents from South Carolina Inventors

Cotton Chopper

George Washington MurrayRembert, SC

cotton chopper patent drawing filed by a South Carolina Patent Attorney

George Washington Murray, born into slavery in South Carolina, became one of the first African Americans in Congress and invented the cotton chopper, among other inventions. The cotton chopper revolutionized the process of gathering cotton by replacing manual labor and speeding up production. Murray’s improved version of the cotton chopper was more affordable, faster, and sturdier than existing models, with plow blades that could adjust for cotton plants of various sizes. As an inventor and congressman, he advocated for the rights of black inventors to profit and gain patent protection under U.S. law.

Free Fall Amusement Ride & Wind Turbines

Gerald (Jerry) L. BarberGreenville, SC

free fall ride patent figure filed by a Patent Attorney in South Carolina

Jerry Barber left academia to start and run the second-largest amusement ride manufacturing company in the United States for 18 years. He started with a one-man operation and grew it to 80+ employees, building 100 rides per year. During this time, he earned 38 US patents, 22 of which were produced commercially. His most famous patent, the “Free Fall” ride, can be found in amusement parks and carnivals worldwide. Currently, he holds over 60 US patents, 15 more are pending, and four new rides are in the design phase.

wind turbine patent illustration filed by a South Carolina Patent Attorney

Barber became interested in renewable wind energy after learning about the maintenance issues caused by the large gearbox in the center of the blades of current wind turbines. He used his background in physics and experience designing amusement park rides to develop better wind turbines. His patented wind turbines eliminate the need for a gearbox, can be shipped in standard 40’ containers, don’t require a crane for installation, can withstand a Category 5 hurricane, and produce electricity for one-tenth the cost of diesel systems.

Water Heater

Jerry CallahanSullivan’s Island, SC

water heater patent drawing filed by a Patent Attorney in South Carolina

Jerry Callahan, a natural-born inventor, co-founded propane cylinder company Blue Rhino after he saw how difficult it was to get empty cylinders filled up or exchanged. When he realized the water heater he needed didn’t exist, he took matters into his own hands and invented a tankless electric water heater that eliminates traditional failure modes and increases energy efficiency. Callahan’s patented invention uses electrical current to heat water quickly and only when needed, saving families up to $240 a year. As the founder of Heatworks, a startup based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Callahan’s tankless electric water heater was even recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2018.

Adjustable Bed

William Henry ClingCharleston, SC

adjustable bed patent illustration filed by a South Carolina Patent Attorney

William Henry Cling was born to freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina shortly after the Civil War. He was a barber by trade but also had a passion for inventing. He patented several apparel-related items and mechanical devices, including a shoelace with wire for easy fastening and a coat lapel and collar regulator for men’s coats. He also patented a handheld mechanical tally keeper for counting people at events. In 1909, Cling patented an adjustable bed to aid bedridden individuals, which could raise or lower at both ends. Interestingly, in the same year, another doctor also developed a similar bed, known today as The Gatch Bed.

South Carolina Patent Stats

University of South Carolina Among Top Universities Granted US Utility Patents

The University of South Carolina stands among the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2019. The distinction marks the eighth consecutive year that the university has been included on the list by the National Academy of Inventors and Intellectual Property Owners. The University of South Carolina has made the list every year since its first publication in 2013 and is is the the only school in the state to ever earn a place on the list. Mechanical engineering professor Fanglin Chen is lead inventor on two utility patents aiming to maximize renewable clean energy use. Chemical engineering professor Melissa Moss is lead inventor on a utility patent to slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

South Carolina Inventors Granted Patents Growing Faster than the National Rate

South Carolina inventors are being granted patents faster than the national rate, a fact that could bode well for business in the Palmetto State. From 2009 to 2019, patents awarded with South Carolina ties have grown by about 108 percent. That’s a faster rate than those granted to American inventors as a whole. Which means the demand for South Carolina patent attorneys is growing faster too. General Electric, which has a turbine manufacturing plant and offices in Greenville, accounts for 349 patents issued to South Carolina inventors in 2018, or about 20 percent of all SC patents. Boeing, which has commercial aircraft operations in North Charleston, accounts for 75 patents issued to SC inventors.

South Carolina Passed the First Patent Law

During the early colonial years, there was no established framework for issuing patents. Those who claimed to have invented a novel device or product could apply to the colonial government for the exclusive right to manufacture and sell their product. South Carolina was the most active of the Southern colonies in hearing and granting petitions for patent rights. In 1794, South Carolina became the first state to pass a patent law, which was titled: “An Act for the Encouragement of Arts and Science.” This law standardized provisions and included an examination procedure. While the law primarily aimed to protect literary property, it also included a provision that granted inventors of useful machines the same exclusive privilege of making or selling their machines for a term of 14 years, subject to the same privileges and restrictions granted to authors of books.

South Carolina Architect Designed the US Patent Building

Robert Mills, known as the “father of American architecture,” was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He studied under Thomas Jefferson, who gave him access to an extensive collection of architectural books, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the foremost practitioner of architecture and engineering in the young republic, and James Hoban, the designer of the White House. Mills’ prolific career in South Carolina included the construction of twelve jails, sixteen courthouses, and the County Record Building (Fireproof Building) in Charleston. President Andrew Jackson, a fellow South Carolinian, appointed Mills as the architect of the Treasury and the Patent Office, although he is best known for his design of the Washington Monument.

Congress charged Mills with designing the Patent Office to be fireproof, which he achieved by creating an innovative system of masonry vaulting that elegantly spanned the interior spaces without the aid of wood or iron. Dozens of skylights, hundreds of windows, and a spacious central courtyard filled the spaces with natural light. By the 1850s, the Patent Office Building had become the leading attraction in Washington. Tens of thousands of visitors explored the galleries each year, gradually making their way to the 266-foot-long “Model Hall” on the top floor that displayed patent models.

Old US Patent Office Built by South Carolina Architect Robert Mills
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  • If a hardworking bulletproof Patent Attorney is what you need, then Russ is your guy.

    My first invention was for the automobile industry. I used a television patent submission company, and they gave me a design patent that was useless. That patent is now nice wall art and nothing more, because it gave me no protection.

    My second invention was a protective flip lid for the stainless steel tumbler market. I did a lot of homework, and most everything I read said that you need a good patent attorney to protect your idea. I live in South Carolina, so patent attorneys close to me are not easy to find. I took to the internet and came across Russ Weinzimmer. His website stated that the patent attorney need not be local, so I gave him a call. Russ was very patient with me, and we spoke on several occasions before I hired him to work on my patent. This allowed me to be comfortable with him, and to figure out what I wanted.

    He explained the entire process to me, and the time that it generally would take to get a patent. Once he got started, there was constant contact, and even if he was with another client he was quick to return my calls. He did give me a lot of home work in looking through prior art found in the patent search to ensure that there was nothing like my invention on the market or previously patented. I appreciated being involved, because that patent process is a long one.

    Once all claims were done, Russ gave me a call and said that he was sending me the draft of my Patent Application. I read it over and was satisfied, and told him that it was ready to file. A day or so later he called me back and said that he was not satisfied, and wanted to work on it some more. After a few more days, he sent me the now final draft, and I must say that I was satisfied with the first draft, but the final draft was outstanding. I do appreciate someone that has to be more satisfied with his work than his customer. That type of work ethic is hard to find in this day and time. ... Read More

    If a hardworking bulletproof Patent Attorney is what you need, then Russ is your guy. I look forward to working with Russ and his team again in the very near future for my next project.

    Thomas Taylor

  • Mr. Carlen knows how to communicate the value of an invention in a way that resonates with licensees and acquirers.

    Mr. Carlen’s professional invention documents have been excellent, opening up a whole new set of opportunities that I wasn’t even aware of. For example, his Professional Valuation has proven to be a very worthwhile investment. As well, Mr. Carlen knows how to communicate the value of an invention in a way that resonates with licensees and acquirers. I know this because it was his letter that drew interest from one of the largest companies in the industry. I have hired him for multiple projects related to my invention and am always very impressed. I recommend these services highly.

    Stewart Lovenvirth

  • All elements were completed at the highest level of quality and professionalism.

    The post-patent package is an excellent way to obtain the primary tools — market assessment, attractive website, outreach letters, and more — all in one integrated project. All elements were completed at the highest level of quality and professionalism. And by choosing the package instead of obtaining these services separately, I saved over 20%! It was well worth it.

    Thomas Taylor


Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit claims InventHelp is a scam, preying upon low income people, and either does nothing or delivers subpar work.

According to the lawsuit, the InventHelp scam goes like this: At the initial visit, inventors are told their invention is original and potentially highly profitable, even when similar products already exist. Then InventHelp charges thousands of dollars to commercialize their invention, offering a high-interest loan if they can’t afford those steep fees. Once the money is in hand, InventHelp disappears and dodges calls for months or years. Eventually they resurface, claiming a company is now interested in their invention. After charging thousands more for licensing or manufacturing deals, InventHelp once again disappears.

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit alleges that InventHelp made false representations that consumer ideas were eligible for patents and misled them into purchasing services agreements.

The lawsuit claims that InventHelp’s purposefully incomplete patent searches and basic information package reports are part of InventHelp’s ploy to convince consumers that their inventions are marketable and/or patentable, and con them into signing contracts for more expensive Submission Services. The “Preliminary Patentability Opinions” claim that customers’ proposed inventions are eligible to receive patents, when, in fact, there often already exist “dead ringer” patents that would prevent these inventions from receiving patents.

Sky Radio Interview: What’s Patentable?

Sky Radio Interview: What’s Patentable?

Patent Attorney Russ Weinzimmer was interviewed as an invited expert on “Sky Radio”, answering the question: What’s Patentable? Determining whether an invention is patentable involves legal considerations that most business owners and engineers are not aware of, and even marketing considerations that they’re not aware of, but a good patent attorney brings both those considerations when evaluating the technology suite of a company.

Should I File a Provisional Patent Application?

Should I File a Provisional Patent Application?

Filing a provisional patent application is almost always a bad idea. Preserving your exclusive rights to your invention through a patent depends on meeting specific deadlines when filing a patent application. Relying on the filing date of a provisional can mean that you end up completely losing all of your patent rights. A provisional can also reduce the value of your issued patent and can make it harder to license or sell your invention to other companies.



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