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We can help if you’re searching for a Patent Attorney in Arkansas. Our Arkansas Patent Attorneys specialize in providing Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Patent Prosecution, Patent Licensing, Trademark Applications, and also Copyright Registrations for inventors, entrepreneurs, as well as small-sized businesses requiring a Patent Attorney in Arkansas. Call us for a Free Consultation prior to carrying out any decisions that might have an effect on your Intellectual Property protection.

Extensive and Expert Technical Skill Sets

Our Arkansas Patent Attorneys have comprehensive and professional technical experience which allow us to partner with first-rate engineers, researchers, doctors, and other tech professionals on even the most complicated technologies. We speak to inventors in their own language, placing them at ease as well as saving time, while working to put together successful Patent Applications.

Business Experience Applied to Your Patent Strategy

We take the initiative to understand your organization goals to ensure that our professional services successfully help you to attain your objectives. We instruct our clients regarding all available options, which empowers our clients to make the best choices for great outcomes. When writing your Patent Application, our Arkansas Patent Attorneys utilize marketing writing skills to craft a legal document you can use to attract investors and also negotiate licensing contracts.

Big Firm Know-how Obtainable on a Small Company Budget

We provide services to the entire State of Arkansas, and our clients enjoy top quality patent professional services and representation at a reasonable fee. Without the burden of high priced downtown office space, our Patent Attorneys in Arkansas can provide senior-level, personal service for those smaller sized clients that bigger Arkansas Patent Law Firms dismiss.

Do I Require a Local Arkansas Patent Attorney?

You Require the Right Patent Attorney:
One That Concentrates On Innovators, Start-Ups, and also Small Businesses

The majority of local Patent Attorneys in Arkansas concentrate on providing services to large companies that ensure a stream of patent work every year. They are not enthusiastic about assisting individual inventors and business owners with a single invention. Therefore, individuals and smaller businesses are in most cases palmed off to an unskilled junior Patent Attorney in the Firm with incomplete training and negligible oversight.

As rarefied as Patent Attorneys are, even fewer Arkansas Patent Attorneys focus on small clients, and consequently they are virtually never found locally. That’s why Patent Law Firms with an entrepreneurial emphasis advertise nationally, because there are not nearly enough sole inventors and business owners in any one area to sustain such a particularly specialized law firm for a Patent Attorney in Arkansas.

Patent Attorneys are Licensed to Practice Nationally — You’re Not Restricted Exclusively to Arkansas Patent Attorneys

Patent Law is based on Federal Law, not State Law. Every Patent Attorney is licensed to practice nationally by passing the Patent Bar Examination offered by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Locating a Patent Attorney in Arkansas is not necessary.

You Don’t Require a Arkansas Patent Attorney — You Require the Best Match

  • Choose a Patent Attorney that understands your company concerns and goals.
  • Obtain a Patent Attorney that focuses on representing clients like you.
  • Obtain a Patent Attorney with predictable fixed rates, and that will respond to concerns on the phone without sending you a bill.
  • Find a Patent Attorney that is easy for you to connect with, during normal work hours, as well as after standard business hours.
  • Obtain a Patent Attorney who’s prepared hundreds of patent applications, and obtained hundreds of issued patents in a variety of modern technologies and sectors.
  • Locate a Patent Attorney with fantastic Testimonials.

Notable Patents from Arkansas Inventors

wonder horse patent illustration filed by a Patent Attorney in Arkansas

William BaltzPocahontas, AR
William Baltz invented the Wonder Horse as a Christmas gift for his 3-year-old son, Billy, in December 1939. The first version suspended the horse from a wood frame using heavy springs, and he named it the “Wonder Horse” because the “Wonder State” was Arkansas’ state nickname. Soon the toy was being mass-produced and became a favorite of children all over the world.

arrow patent drawing filed by an Arkansas Patent Attorney

Ben PearsonPine Bluff, AR
Called the “father of modern archery”, Ben Pearson designed and built much of the machinery enabling the first mass production of bows, arrows, and related archery tackle. Due to this new revolution in manufacturing, the average sports enthusiast could afford quality archery products. His company, founded in 1927, is the oldest bow company in America and still sells archery products today. “What Henry Ford did for mass producing the automobile, Ben Pearson did for mass producing archery equipment.”

taco plate patent figure filed by an Arkansas Patent Attorney

Hugh JarrattFayetteville, AR
Hugh Jarratt designed the Taco Plate when he got frustrated with taco shells that constantly tipped over. The slotted plastic plate is designed to hold three tacos upright along with divided compartments for side dishes. Jarratt sold nearly 500,000 plates before Wal-Mart announced a deal to order 1,000,000 taco plates for its stores.

Arkansas Patent Facts

Total Arkansas Patents Doubled Between 2016 and 2019

After more than two decades of steadily producing 150-200 patents a year, the number of inventions patented by Arkansas inventors has been rapidly climbing, reaching a peak of 601 patents in 2019.

University of Arkansas Ranks 48th in Top 100 Universities for Patents Received

The University of Arkansas System tied for 48th among the World’s Top 100 Universities for the number of U.S. utility patents received in 2012. The University of Arkansas System received 34 patents for inventions by researchers: including inventors at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Arkansas Inventor’s Network

The Arkansas Inventor’s Network is dedicated to helping Arkansas inventors and entrepreneurs find the resources and assistance necessary to define, evaluate, produce, and market their viable product ideas and innovations.

Inventor's Network for Patents in Arkansas

University of Arkansas System Issues World’s First SmartResumes®: Patented Blockchain Secured Credentials

The University of Arkansas System is now issuing certified SmartResumes® to help students and alumni with employment opportunities and promote economic development and more efficient business practices. The patent-pending SmartResume® platform, developed by Arkansas technology company iDatafy®, uses blockchain technology to provide secured and verified credentials that attest to both the academic and co-curricular accomplishments of students and alumni.

We Help Clients Get Patents in Arkansas

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  • Anyone who's serious about bringing an invention to market needs one of Joe's Invention Market Assessments.

    Joe and his team did an awesome job on everything. Anyone who's serious about bringing an invention to market needs one of Joe's Invention Market Assessments. Beyond that, our website, sell sheet and other promo materials all look and read great. We've already gotten lots of compliments on our website!

    Gary Sinyard

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    Russ spent a lot of time explaining patents and the process to me. He kept me well-informed along the way and was very helpful. I got my patent allowed with only ONE Office Action. That saved me at least $6,000 based on what usually happens. Thank you Russ. This will be a real game changer for me!

    Gary Sinyard

  • Don’t waste your time looking for another patent attorney.

    Don’t waste your time looking for another patent attorney. Every other patent attorney that I talked to was all about how much money that they could receive before the process even started. When I talked to Russ, I explained to him that I had a pregnant wife, was a compensated veteran from the war in Iraq, and I was working the best I could to support my family while attending night classes in college. I told him that I had a wonderful idea called the CORD CUFF, but I knew that I couldn’t pay the upfront money it takes to get things off the ground. Russ simply said first off, "I want to thank you for your service to our country, and congrats on the upcoming child".

    He took the time to explain to me that the steps we have to take don’t have to be rushed. I could have never done this without this compassionate man. He took the time whenever I called to answer any question, and assured me that everything is under control. When money was tight, Russ would say, "Just send in a little payment here and there, but put that family first". He said, "I have you covered on this end". We started this process in 2009, and I am proud to say that my Ribbon Copy of my Patent on the CORD CUFF was sent to me by overnight delivery. I can’t say enough about him and his firm. ... Read More When the Patent Office made a mistake with the paperwork, he and his people were right on top of things to ensure that the problem was corrected with perfect results. He even paid money out of his own pocket to fix the mess. I am truly satisfied with everything Russ Weinzimmer and his firm have done to help realize my dream for me and my family.

    Dustin Watts


Book Recommendations for Inventors

Book Recommendations for Inventors

Book recommendations for inventors who are looking to patent protect and commercialize their invention. Learn how to become an entrepreneur.

Includes books from the Strategic Patent Law Team:

The Everything Inventions & Patents Book
Consulting Attorney Russ Weinzimmer
Incorporate & Get Rich!
Cheri S. Hill
A Brief History of Entrepreneurship: The Pioneers, Profiteers, and Racketeers Who Shaped Our World
Joe Carlen
The Einstein of Money: The Life and Timeless Financial Wisdom of Benjamin Graham
Joe Carlen
From Lifeguard to Sun King: The Man Behind the Banana Boat Success Story
Joe Carlen

Patent Attorney Explains How to File a Patent

Patent Attorney Explains How to File a Patent logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

When you file a patent the right way, you protect your valuable invention, but filing it the wrong way can mean losing its benefits. Russ Weinzimmer explains the right way to handle patentability searches, prior art improvements, what goes into filing a patent application, the examination process, and asserting your patent rights.

InventHelp Sued in Multiple Class Action Lawsuits

InventHelp Sued in Multiple Class Action Lawsuits

Multiple class action lawsuits assert that InventHelp took millions of dollars from inventors, who got virtually nothing in return. According to the lawsuits, InventHelp has no meaningful interest in helping aspiring inventors develop and monetize their inventions. Instead, their business model is based upon receipt of Submission Service fees, and nothing more.

The lawsuits each allege a similar pattern of operation:

  1. Slick ads target naive inventors.
  2. Reputation Management company erases bad reviews.
  3. Incomplete Patent Searches and Boilerplate Patentability Opinions lure inventors into Submission Services Agreements.
  4. Inventors pay $5K– $10K for Submission Services which are not provided.
  5. Proprietary Data Bank filled with fake companies and inaccurate industry matches.
  6. No infrastructure to deal with companies interested in buying or licensing inventions.
  7. After months or years of silence, reappear in the guise of manufacturing companies asking for MORE more money.
Patent Lawyers: How to Choose the Right Patent Attorney

Patent Lawyers: How to Choose the Right Patent Attorney logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

Learning how to write a patent application takes years of working as an apprentice with experienced patent lawyers and requires legal and technical knowledge, plus the ability to explain all of that in a clear, concise manner that can withstand attack from some of the smartest patent attorneys in the country if the patent becomes litigated.



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