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Patenting Your Invention: What Are The Benefits?

Patenting Your Invention: What Are The Benefits? logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

The benefits of a patent are that it provides credibility, legitimacy, and exclusivity. It helps to market to consumers, investors, and lenders who know that a patent confers a business advantage. The patent holder is more likely to obtain investment funds, loans, or grants, because there’s something in which to invest, an asset created by the patent.

Free Business Plan Opportunity

Free Business Plan Opportunity

Clients of Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C. have the opportunity to participate in the Business Plan Project of the Boston College MBA program. If selected, you will receive a free business plan, prepared under faculty supervision. The business plan will vary by industry and idea, but will generally contain an industry and competitive analysis, marketing plan, organizational plan, risk assessment, and financial analysis.



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