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Call us for a Free Consultation if you’re trying to find a Patent Attorney in Ohio. Our Ohio Patent Attorneys offer Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Filing, as well as Prosecution services for small businesses, startups, business owners, and innovators in Ohio. We stress enhancing the business valuation of Patents and Trademarks. One way we do this is to make certain that the Patent Application shows the value and also uniqueness of your invention, so the Patent Application can be leveraged to help promote or license your invention in Ohio, or anyplace else.

Our Technical Abilities are Comprehensive and Diversified

Our Ohio Patent Attorneys have comprehensive and diversified tech education as well as practical experience with a wide array of modern technologies, covering various industries involving Physics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Medical Instruments, Optical Instruments, Electronic Devices, and Mechanical Instruments. We can swiftly comprehend your invention. Our shared practical experience of over 80 years makes it possible for us to manage anything from the simple to the complicated, so we can design and carry out successful patent solutions.

Our Business Experiences Build Effective Legal Documents

In addition to decades of legal experience incorporated with tech experience in an assortment of fields, we likewise bring to bear practical experience as Entrepreneurs, so that we can provide value by leveraging our business skills for your benefit. For example, the Patent Application that our Patent Attorneys in Ohio write for you can be utilized to assist you in selling your innovation to possible licensees, and also can be employed to assist you in attracting the involvement of a possible partner or financier.

Big Firm Quality — Smaller Firm Attention

We bring large firm abilities and experience to smaller firms, startups, and individuals in Ohio that would not get proper care from a Patent Attorney in Ohio at a larger Patent Firm. So, you receive much more personal consideration from a Senior Level Patent Attorney, which is important to creating a better Patent Application.

Do I Require a Local Ohio Patent Attorney?

You Require the Right Patent Attorney:
One That Focuses on Innovators, Startups, as well as Small Businesses

Nearly all local Patent Attorneys in Ohio prioritize providing services to bigger companies that provide a stream of patent work every year. They are not excited about working with individual innovators and small business owners with a single invention. For this reason, individuals and smaller businesses are typically passed off to a novice junior Patent Attorney in the Firm with inadequate training and negligible oversight.

As rarefied as Patent Attorneys are, even fewer Ohio Patent Attorneys prioritize small-scale clients, and subsequently they are virtually never found locally. That’s why Patent Law Firms with an entrepreneurial emphasis market nationally, given that there are insufficient sole inventors and business owners in any one area to support such a particularly specialized legal firm for a Patent Attorney in Ohio.

Patent Attorneys are Licensed to Practice Nationally — You’re Not Restricted to Only Ohio Patent Attorneys

Patent Law is based upon Federal Law, not State Law. Every Patent Attorney is licensed to practice nationally by passing the Patent Bar Examination provided by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Obtaining a Patent Attorney in Ohio is not needed.

You Do Not Require an Ohio Patent Attorney — You Require the Right Fit

  • Find a Patent Attorney that appreciates your business issues and objectives.
  • Find a Patent Attorney that specializes in representing clients like you.
  • Locate a Patent Attorney with predictable flat fees, and that will answer questions on the phone without sending you an invoice.
  • Obtain a Patent Attorney that is simple for you to get in touch with, during standard work hours, and also after normal work hours.
  • Choose a Patent Attorney that’s written hundreds of patent applications, and acquired hundreds of issued patents in a wide variety of technologies and sectors.
  • Obtain a Patent Attorney with outstanding Endorsements.

Notable Patents from Ohio Inventors

airplane patent illustration filed by an Ohio Patent Attorney

Orville & Wilbur WrightDayton, OH
Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright were American aviation pioneers generally credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane.

Charles KetteringDayton, OH
Kettering was an American inventor, engineer, businessman, and the head of research at General Motors from 1920 to 1947. He held 186 patents, including the electric starter, which replaced hand cranking, and the internal-combustion engine.

Garrett MorganCleveland, OH
After witnessing a crash between an automobile and a buggy, Morgan was inspired to develop the three-position traffic signal. By having a third position besides just “Stop” and “Go,” it regulated crossing vehicles more safely than earlier signals had.

vacuum patent drawing filed by a Patent Attorney in Ohio

James Murray SpanglerCanton, Ohio
James Spangler invented the first commercially successful portable electric vacuum cleaner, an invention that revolutionized household carpet cleaning. In 1908 Hoover bought Spangler’s patent and eventually, there was a Hoover vacuum cleaner in nearly every American home.

Amos TylerToledo, OH
Amos Tyler received the first U.S. patent to issue for chewing gum. While chewing gum had been around for several thousand years, Tyler’s inventive composition consisted of white rosin mixed with olive oil. He called it the”Celebrated Tolu and White Rose” chewing gum and manufactured and sold it in the Toledo area.

cash register patent figure filed by an Ohio Patent Attorney

James and John RittyDayton, OH
James Ritty owned a saloon in Dayton, Ohio and suspected that his bartenders were putting payments in their pockets instead of the till. Working with his brother, John, a mechanic, they invented what would become the first cash register. Making its intention to thwart sticky-fingered employees clear, Ritty called it “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier.”

Ohio Patent Stats

Dayton, Ohio: The Original Invention Capital of the United States

In the early 1900’s, Dayton became the invention capital of the United States with the most patents per capita of any American city. It was home to one of the world’s greatest concentrations of scientists and technicians.

Some of the city’s influential inventions included: the airplane, the cash register, the self-starting ignition for automobiles, the electric wheelchair, air conditioning, the modern parachute, magnetic strip technology for credit cards, and stealth technology for aircraft.

Dayton at that time was like the Silicon Valley of mechanical engineering, with investment to support a whole class of inventors and thinkers who collaborated with each other. The Wright Brothers and Kettering and Deeds formed a group known as the “Barn Gang” that later developed into the Dayton Engineers Club.

Dayton OH Engineers Club logo

Ohio #8 in the Nation for Most Issued Patents

The Buckeye State continues to be one of the nation’s most innovative states. Ohio ranked #8 in the nation based on its total number of filed and granted patents since 1975, with 127,347 total patents. Ohio Patent Attorneys stay busy keeping up with all that patent work.

Four Ohio Universities in Top 100 for Patents Issued

Four Ohio universities are in the top 100 in the world for patents issued in the United States for 2017:

  • Case Western Reserve University: #43 with 53 issued patents.
  • University of Akron: #60 with 43 issued patents.
  • Ohio State University & Ohio State Innovation Foundation & Ohio State Research Foundation: #64 with a combined 41 issued patents.
  • University of Toledo: #98 with 25 issued patents.

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    You are a good and honest man! You are a mensch. I wish I could work for you!

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  • The website that Joe's team built for me looks amazing and really highlights what's unique about my invention.

    I absolutely love the website that Joe and his invention website team built for me. It looks amazing and really highlights what's unique about my invention. On top of that, Joe is wonderful to work with and very professional.

    Jodi Moore

  • Russ was able to obtain an allowance right off the bat after only one phone call with the Examiner! That is very rare!

    WOW! There are not enough words to express my appreciation for what a great Patent Attorney Russ Weinzimmer has been! I went to Russ right after being majorly scammed by a Patent Marketing Company a few years back. I almost gave up, but after talking things through with Russ, I had the confidence to move forward and take a chance on pursuing a patent once again.
    I’m SO happy I did! Russ was very easy to work with, and was a great listener. He gave wonderful advice when he saw things I did not see that could actually hinder a patent grant. He is VERY knowledgeable about patent law and process.
    After two years in patent pending, Russ was able to negotiate an allowance for my invention with the Examiner on the phone. He also saved me a substantial amount of money on top of his already very reasonable fees he had charged for such sensational work. Russ was able to obtain an allowance right off the bat after only one phone call with the Examiner! That is very rare! ... Read More
    Russ truly is an awesome Patent Attorney, and I would greatly recommend him to anyone seeking help with their invention!! I will be using him for any further patent work that I have! Hands down! Russ also has a wonderful team that did amazing work for me on my drawings and marketing analysis. Thank you SO much Russ Weinzimmer!

    Jodi Moore

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    Today I received my market assessment from Joe Carlen and was greatly satisfied with the quality of work Joe provided. His expertise is beyond exceptional! I highly recommend Joe’s services to anyone seeking a quality assessment for their invention, product, or company! Thank you Joe!

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  • Russ merges broad legal / patent experience and deep technical understanding, with a focus on business concerns.

    I first hired Russ as an Attorney in 1993. Russ merges broad legal / patent experience and deep technical understanding, with a focus on growth-stage-appropriate business concerns. Patent applications done with Russ provide formidable protection, and are crafted to provide streamlined interaction with the PTO. Great Results, Expert, and Creative.

    Brad Goldstein


Patent Law FAQ: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Patent Law FAQ: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

FreeAdvice.com logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Patent Law (FAQ) on the patent process, the application, and the time periods involved.
-What’s involved in completing the patent application?
-How long does it take for a patent to issue?
-How long do patents last?

Patent Attorney Explains How to File a Patent

Patent Attorney Explains How to File a Patent

FreeAdvice.com logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

When you file a patent the right way, you protect your valuable invention, but filing it the wrong way can mean losing its benefits. Russ Weinzimmer explains the right way to handle patentability searches, prior art improvements, what goes into filing a patent application, the examination process, and asserting your patent rights.

Should I File a Provisional Patent Application?

Should I File a Provisional Patent Application?

Filing a provisional patent application is almost always a bad idea. Preserving your exclusive rights to your invention through a patent depends on meeting specific deadlines when filing a patent application. Relying on the filing date of a provisional can mean that you end up completely losing all of your patent rights. A provisional can also reduce the value of your issued patent and can make it harder to license or sell your invention to other companies.

Inventors Successfully Patent and Market Invention: the Pad Soleil™ Story

Inventors Successfully Patent and Market Invention: the Pad Soleil™ Story

Pad Soleil products are attractively-designed, foam-filled polyester armrest pads that prevent burning one’s arms on metal patio furniture in the hot sun.

The inventors’ first step: patent protect their invention. Russ Weinzimmer himself completed a successful Patent Application that eventually issued as a U.S. Design Patent. After that, Invention Market Analyst Joe Carlen created the Commercialization Plan and drafted a Professional Outreach Letter the inventors used to approach major retail outlets.

Now, Pad Soleil is being sold in Bed Bath & Beyond® stores across the country, in the Better Homes & Garden catalog, and on the Wayfair website.

Inventors Market New Product: ReeferShield

Inventors Market New Product: ReeferShield

The result of over a decade of prototyping and testing, the ReeferShield is a system of straps and pads that protect and secure the doors of refrigerated semi-trailers, called “Reefer Units”, while making it easy for drivers to open the doors for servicing or inspection.

The ReeferShield inventors developed a unique solution to an industry-wide problem, and successfully pursued patent rights, resulting in an issued US Patent. Then, Senior Associate Joe Carlen implemented an ambitious data-driven commercialization plan that continues to deliver real success for the Hadleys as they market their new product to trucking companies throughout the US and internationally.



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