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If you’re looking for a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire, call us for a free consultation. Our New Hampshire Patent Attorneys deliver Patent Searching, Patent Preparation, Filing, as well as Prosecution services for smaller companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and also innovators in New Hampshire. We focus on strengthening the market valuation of Patents and Trademarks. One way we do this is to make sure that the Patent Application conveys the valuation and originality of your invention, so the Patent Application can be employed to help promote or license your innovation in New Hampshire, or somewhere else.

Our Technology Skill-sets are Comprehensive and Diversified

Our New Hampshire Patent Attorneys have comprehensive and varied tech training and practical experience with a wide array of modern technologies, ranging various fields involving Physics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Ai, Medical Devices, Optical Devices, Electronic Devices, and Mechanical Instruments. We can quickly comprehend your invention. Our shared practical experience of over 80 years enables us to work with anything from the basic to the complicated, so we can develop and achieve successful patent strategies.

Our Business Skills Produce Successful Legal Documents

Along with decades of legal experience combined with tech experience in a range of fields, we likewise bring to bear experience as Entrepreneurs, so that we can add value by leveraging our business abilities for your advantage. The Patent Application that our Patent Attorneys in New Hampshire write for you can be utilized to help you market your invention to potential licensees, and also can be utilized to assist you attract the involvement of a potential business partner or financier.

Big Firm Quality– Smaller Firm Attention

We bring large firm capabilities and experience to small-scale companies, startups, and people in New Hampshire that would not receive adequate care from a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire at a big patent firm. So, you get even more individual attention from a Senior Level Patent Attorney, which is essential to crafting a higher quality patent application.

Do I Require a Local New Hampshire Patent Attorney?

You Need the Right Patent Attorney:
One That Concentrates On Inventors, Start-Ups, and Small Companies

Many local Patent Attorneys in New Hampshire prioritize providing services to bigger businesses that offer a stream of patent work year after year. They are not thrilled about representing individual innovators and business owners with only one invention. Thus, individuals and smaller companies are generally palmed off to an inexperienced junior Patent Attorney in the Firm with inadequate training and marginal oversight.

As scarce as Patent Attorneys are, even fewer New Hampshire Patent Attorneys prioritize small clients, and for that reason they are practically never found locally. That’s why Patent Law Firms with an entrepreneurial emphasis market nationally, because there are not enough single inventors and business owners in any one local area to support such a particularly specialized legal firm for a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire.

Patent Attorneys are Licensed to Practice Nationally — You’re Not Restricted to Exclusively New Hampshire Patent Attorneys

Patent Law is based on Federal Law, not State Law. Every Patent Attorney is licensed to practice nationally by passing the Patent Bar Exam provided by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Finding a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire is not important.

You Don’t Require a New Hampshire Patent Attorney — You Require the Right Fit

  • Find a Patent Attorney that comprehends your organization’s concerns and objectives.
  • Choose a Patent Attorney that concentrates on partnering with clients like you.
  • Locate a Patent Attorney with foreseeable flat costs, and who will respond to inquiries on the phone without giving you an invoice.
  • Choose a Patent Attorney that is simple for you to get in touch with, during normal work hours, as well as after regular work hours.
  • Locate a Patent Attorney that’s produced hundreds of patent applications, and acquired hundreds of issued patents in a variety of industries and modern technologies.
  • Find a Patent Attorney with great Reviews.

Notable Patents from New Hampshire Inventors


Dean KamenBedford, NH

segway patent drawing filed by a New Hampshire Patent Attorney

Dean Kamen founded DEKA Research and Development in Manchester, New Hampshire, and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), whose STEM education efforts have impacted over one million students nationally. Kamen is often referred to as the modern Thomas Edison due to the breadth and scope of his trailblazing inventions. He holds more than 440 U.S. patents, including for medical devices such as the AutoSyringe. In 1999, Kamen introduced the IBOT, a device similar to a wheelchair that could climb stairs and stand upright on two wheels. His use of gyroscopic stabilizers on the IBOT led him to develop his most famous invention: the Segway.


Virgil D. WhiteWest Ossipee, NH

snomobile patent figure filed by a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire

In 1913, Virgil D. White, a Ford dealer in West Ossipee, NH, invented a snowmobile conversion kit that replaced the Model T’s front wheels with wooden skis and added caterpillar tracks with metal cleats to the rear. He coined and copyrighted the term “snowmobile” and patented his snowmobile kit. In 1919, he founded the Snowmobile Company to build and sell Model T Snowmobiles and conversion kits. The company sold over 25,000 units nationwide before closing in 1929. White’s snowmobile invention is considered by many snowmobile enthusiasts to be the first true snowmobile.

Latex Gloves

Neil TillotsonDicksville Notch, NH

latex glove patent illustration filed by a New Hampshire Patent Attorney

After working manufacturing products from natural rubber, Neil Tillotson invented the first novelty shaped toy balloon, the Cat Balloon, in 1931. Despite the Depression, his company, Tillotson Rubber, produced five million cat-faced balloons by year-end. The company later developed the first high-speed latex dipping machine, enabling Tillotson’s invention of the one-size-fits-all disposable latex medical glove in the 1960s. At 93, he patented the N-DEX, the first nitrile examination glove. In 1954, he returned to his ancestral land in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where he revitalized the landmark Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. A staunch patriot, Tillotson cast the first vote in U.S. presidential elections for four decades until his death in 2001 at 102.

Rapid Rule Tape Measure

Hiram Augustus Farrand Jr.Berlin, NH

tape rule patent drawing filed by a Patent Attorney in New Hampshire

Hiram A. Farrand, while working at the Brown Company in Berlin, NH, invented “The Farrand Rapid Rule,” a precursor to the modern tape measure. In 1927, he established his own factory in Berlin, generating $100,000 in its first year and over $1 million within five years. However, the Depression in the early 1930s forced Farrand to sell his invention to Stanley Works for $50,000. Farrand’s concave-convex tape design has become the standard for most pocket tape measures today, and the Stanley Tape Rule continues to generate millions annually.

New Hampshire Patent Facts

New Hampshire Ranks #12 For Most Patents Per Capita

New Hampshire residents have been awarded over 900 patents annually since 2014, placing the state at #12 in the nation for patents granted per capita. As of 2022, there were 6.79 patents filed per 10,000 residents in New Hampshire. The majority of patents in the state are in the fields of information storage, software, and communications technology. BAE Systems, a London-based defense contractor and aerospace company with a strong presence in the state, leads the way in patent applications filed in New Hampshire.

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law Ranks #5 in Intellectual Property

The University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law is ranked among the Top 100 Law Schools and is ranked #5 in Intellectual Property for 2020. The School’s ABA-approved Hybrid JD program is the nation’s first and only primarily online JD with a focus in Intellectual Property, Information, and Technology Law. This innovative program has been successful in providing a top-ranked legal education in IP to working professionals, enabling them to complete the majority of their coursework online during the 3.5-year program.

UNH Law’s Franklin Pierce Center Has The Only Academic Intellectual Property Library in the US

The Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property at UNH Law has achieved national recognition for the study of IP law for 25 consecutive years. Its highly regarded IP program has been a hallmark of the school since its founding in 1973. The school’s Intellectual Property Library, established in 1995, is the only academic IP library in the US and one of the largest worldwide. The IP library is widely acclaimed by visitors, scholars, academics, and practitioners as one of the top English language collections globally. The Franklin Pierce Center for IP Global Resource Center supports the largest IP curriculum in the world and houses the Homer Blair Patent Model Collection and the Ralph Baer: Father of Video Game Invention Technology Permanent Exhibit.

Patent Model Museum in Center Sandwich, NH (1949-52) and Plymouth, NH (1952-70’s)

The original 1790 Patent Board required miniature working models to be submitted with patent applications until 1870 when the requirement became optional due to storage concerns. By 1880, the requirement was dropped, except for flying machines until 1903, and now only perpetual machines require working models. Over 200,000 patent models were received by 1880, leading Congress to decide to sell them due to storage expenses. In 1908, 3,000 models were sold, and in 1925, all remaining models were sold after selection by the Smithsonian and other museums. After passing through several companies, the collection of approximately 200,000 patent models was purchased by auctioneer O. Rundle Gilbert in 1943. Gilbert opened a patent model museum in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire in 1949, which featured approximately 1,000 of the most interesting models and charged $1.00 admission. The museum was later moved to Plymouth, NH in 1952 and eventually closed in the 1970s.

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Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

Class Action Lawsuit Claims InventHelp is a Scam

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit claims InventHelp is a scam, preying upon low income people, and either does nothing or delivers subpar work.

According to the lawsuit, the InventHelp scam goes like this: At the initial visit, inventors are told their invention is original and potentially highly profitable, even when similar products already exist. Then InventHelp charges thousands of dollars to commercialize their invention, offering a high-interest loan if they can’t afford those steep fees. Once the money is in hand, InventHelp disappears and dodges calls for months or years. Eventually they resurface, claiming a company is now interested in their invention. After charging thousands more for licensing or manufacturing deals, InventHelp once again disappears.

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges InventHelp Patent Searches are Purposefully Incomplete

A Pennsylvania class action lawsuit alleges that InventHelp made false representations that consumer ideas were eligible for patents and misled them into purchasing services agreements.

The lawsuit claims that InventHelp’s purposefully incomplete patent searches and basic information package reports are part of InventHelp’s ploy to convince consumers that their inventions are marketable and/or patentable, and con them into signing contracts for more expensive Submission Services. The “Preliminary Patentability Opinions” claim that customers’ proposed inventions are eligible to receive patents, when, in fact, there often already exist “dead ringer” patents that would prevent these inventions from receiving patents.

Sky Radio Interview: What’s Patentable?

Sky Radio Interview: What’s Patentable?

Patent Attorney Russ Weinzimmer was interviewed as an invited expert on “Sky Radio”, answering the question: What’s Patentable? Determining whether an invention is patentable involves legal considerations that most business owners and engineers are not aware of, and even marketing considerations that they’re not aware of, but a good patent attorney brings both those considerations when evaluating the technology suite of a company.

Patent Lawyers: How to Choose the Right Patent Attorney

Patent Lawyers: How to Choose the Right Patent Attorney logo interview with Russ Weinzimmer:

Learning how to write a patent application takes years of working as an apprentice with experienced patent lawyers and requires legal and technical knowledge, plus the ability to explain all of that in a clear, concise manner that can withstand attack from some of the smartest patent attorneys in the country if the patent becomes litigated.



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