Russ Weinzimmer testimonials

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Beautiful work!! We appreciate the detail & extensive explanation of our product. You were right … the claim set you finished was awesome indeed!! Real happy with the drawings. November 29, 2015

Penny Lindberg & Teresa Cronin, Florida Inventors and Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a patent attorney who will not only do a fantastic and thorough job, but will educate you along the way, then I suggest that you call Russ Weinzimmer immediately.

Russ was willing to speak with me several times at length about my needs and concerns before he even asked for a penny. By explaining the entire process up front, I not only avoided surprises, but more importantly, I knew in my heart that I was spending my money wisely. Sleeping well at night knowing your patent is bullet proof is worth much more than you will ever spend with Russ.

Before you say a word to anyone about your invention, give Russ a call so he can walk you through the process. And more importantly, he will inform you on what not to do before you have patent protection! November 18, 2015

Justin Turvey, Applied World Solutions, Inventor of M.A.P. Stick

As a new first time inventor and patent owner I was unsure as to which direction to take when it came to securing a legal patent for myself. I spoke to Russ on several occasions and he was very informative as to what steps were involved in securing my patent.

Russ was very patient and personally involved in answering all of my questions and worked diligently to help secure my idea. After several conversations with Russ, I felt very confident in my decision in contacting his firm.

Russ and his firm have done an amazing job with the sketches and detailed description of my patent! I highly recommend Russ Weinzimmer and his Associates when it comes to anyone searching for a professional and knowledgeable patent attorney!! October 22, 2015

Bobbie W. Allen, Baton Rouge LA Inventor

As a new business owner and budding entrepreneur, the process can be both intimidating and daunting. For this reason I was grateful to find Russ. After speaking to him I knew I found the right patent firm in Strategic Patent Law. He’s confident, passionate, and creative about what he knows.

I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited about my idea, but after speaking to him I was. Not because he told me what I wanted to hear, but because he took the time to answer my questions, while asking probing questions that helped me to see the right tact to protect my business idea while getting it to market.

His creative intellect shined through as we discussed my idea and looked over some basic sketches I shared with him. We spoke for two hours, and during the brainstorming session I had improved upon my idea and my go-to-market strategy. He seemed just as excited about my idea as I was, and I truly felt like I could trust him, that his knowledge and expertise was valuable, and that I had absolutely chosen the right person for the job.

He’s a game-changer in the best sense of the word! Grateful there are people like him in the industry.” October 12, 2015

Will Cosgrove, Seattle WA Inventor

I'm thankful for how quickly Russ and his team have responded to me as I start up my new company. As a small business, Russ has been there to answer all my questions and make himself available over the phone, as well as through email even outside normal business hours. I've worked with attorneys locally in my city who did not give me this type of attention and peace of mind that I need with my copyright and trademark. I've been treated with more respect and professionalism from Russ being in another state versus other attorneys here in my own city. The customer service from Russ and his team have proven to be available with responses within the working day, if not sooner. Thank you for this! August 10, 2015

David M. Stephenson, "We Are Buffalo N.Y." LLC

As a new business owner and first time patent owner, Russ and his team have done an excellent job leading me step by step thru the whole process. I personally knew nothing about patents other than I had to have one in order to secure my ideas! Russ covered all the bases in the writing of my idea, even things I didn't know. Professional, accurate, and cost effective. Let's just say, my next 4 patent ideas ..... will be written and submitted by Russ and his team! July 11, 2015

Chris Coleman, Cadillaxis, LLC

Mr. Russ Weinzimmer was the third and final patent attorney I spoke with regarding my invention before I opted to use his services. I knew right away that he was the right fit, and with a limited budget, began the process of creating my application.

Russ will take the time and literally speak with you one-on-one regardless of the time of day to ensure the best application is created before it’s actually filed, presenting the highest quality submission to the USPTO. Besides his exceptional service, what separates his firm from others is his multitude of associates who can support with other endeavors in preparation to market your invention, while ensuring the same level of confidentiality you deserve.

Do not settle for anything less! This was my first patent application, and I will continue to use Russ Weinzimmer and Associates for future endeavors. November 14, 2014

Eric DeForest, Nevada Inventor

I wanted to give this testimonial after speaking with Russ today. I was attempting to patent an idea "on my own.” I tried calling local attorneys, but I was just as confused after speaking with them. Then I called Russ, and I learned more from him in five minutes than I had learned in five hours of my own research. He was very helpful, and from the beginning it was like talking to someone I had known forever. I would definitely recommend Russ before anyone else. August 20, 2014

Jeff Herde, Louisiana Inventor

I have known Russ Weinzimmer for several years. He is an extremely hard-working and goal-oriented attorney. He re-wrote the rejected patent claims written by my previous patent lawyer. The rewriting was done in one stretch until late into the night with me on the phone, and without signs of tiredness. It was energizing.

He asked the right questions to prune the claims to their leanest form, while adding only detail where needed to distinguish them from the prior art. Mr. Weinzimmer obtained an in-depth understanding of my invention in a short time. His work method turned out to be highly time-efficient, as no back and forth messages were needed. The revised claims were produced in real-time. The result was indeed that all of the patent Examiner's rejection arguments were resolved.

Remarkable was that Mr. Weinzimmer was focused on helping me to achieve a much-needed result, while he was less concerned about how he would be compensated. I do not know any other patent lawyer whom I would entrust with my potentially patentable plans in the future. July 2014

Hans-Leo Teulings, PhD, CEO, NeuroScript LLC

Stop searching for a patent attorney and start strategizing your intellectual property protection with Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C..

What a relief in finding a competent attorney who not only “gets it” and is personally available but who will also add value to projects both large and small. In this day and age your product needs the ‘Strategic Patent Law’ advantage.

Russ’ analytical and ‘hands on’ approach helped me to realize what I had actually invented! Russ deconstructed our sustainable, mobile shelter and showed me that we had seven novel, patentable features within our ‘base design.’ In doing so, broader market protection was realized while numerous licensing and revenue streams were created.

Can you imagine a 5-hour conference call with your patent attorney? This is exactly what I experienced during the course of working with Russ and his team of professionals. They exceeded my HIGHEST expectations by a factor of four and made me think, “Russ never sleeps.”

If you are serious about your product development and protection and tapping into its full market potential; look no further than Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C..  October 22, 2010

Micah Andretich, Architect / Inventor

“I first hired Russ as an Attorney in 1993. Russ merges broad legal/patent experience and deep technical understanding, with a focus on growth-stage-appropriate business concerns. Patent applications done with Russ provide formidable protection, and are crafted to provide streamlined interaction with the PTO. Great Results, Expert, and Creative.”  December 15, 2008

Brad Goldstein, CEO, Tursiop Technologies

Great Experience!

It was a pleasure to receive wonderful customer service without being hassled up front about FEES!! I spoke with Russ Weinzimmer himself, and he was very helpful in answering ALL of my questions. He researched information on line with me for FREE, and never seemed to be rushed or concerned about the time. I was truly impressed and would recommend giving his office a call to see how they may be able to help YOU!


“Russ is a terrific patent attorney with a tremendous experience set. Having worked closely with him in his role as Chief Patent Counsel at the highly respected Cognex Corporation, I was highly impressed with his abilities as a patent practitioner. His technical abilities are superior, and his legal knowledge is substantial. He receives my highest recommendation.”  March 16, 2008

Bill Loginov, Managing Partner, Cesari and McKenna, LLP

“Russ is an excellent IP lawyer. He gets the technology bits, rolls out the IP approach, and finally leads and delivers the finished product.  It was both productive and a pleasure to work with him.”  November 20, 2007

Arman Garakani, Director of Vision Tools and Applications, Cognex Corporation

“To whom it may concern, Russ and I worked closely over a period of several years.  He was crucial in filing several US Patents on my behalf. His technical background was extremely helpful in understanding/modifying and enhancing my patent ideas. It was a joy to work with Russ on many levels.”  November 20, 2007

Joe Scola, Software Engineer, Cognex Corporation

“Russ is an excellent patent attorney and a great Legal Counsel for Interpose LLC. He has a great ability to see the bigger picture, and is a valuable asset to our management board. In addition to his legal skills, Russ impressed me with his technical ability and marketing insight. On a more personal level - Russ is a straight shooter, dependable, trustworthy, and pleasant human being.”  May 13, 2005

Isaac Rubinstien, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Founder of RADIOBOND Inc.

“With Russ, you get a patent attorney who 'gets it' on all three elements of his role. He is an excellent attorney, has outstanding technical depth AND understands the business/market aspects of intellectual property. In addition to that trifecta, Russ is a high energy, high ideal guy who is a blast to work with. His contributions to Cognex were significant.”  October 27, 2006

Ed DeCosta, Marketing Director, Cognex Corporation

“I felt comfortable with Russ from the start. His diverse knowledge of intellectual property has helped me to catapult my idea from thought to fruition. I was truly impressed with the time and attention he gave throughout the patenting process. At first, I had difficulty choosing an attorney; but, after speaking with Russ, I became confident that I had found the right person. I highly recommend him.” November 26, 2007

Darryl A. Green, Inventor, Pres. & CEO, Third Eye, LLC

What a wonderful man

I just spoke with Russ Weinzimmer on the phone. I was given advice in a very friendly manner and was not once asked for money or to come in for an interview. ANYONE looking for a patent lawyer would be crazy not to use this firm. What a pleasant surprise to find friendly attorneys.

Cathleen Hargis aka "Charlee"

First and foremost, I would like to thank Russ and his team for their diligence and dedication. I've had the pleasure of working with Russ over the past 5 years in obtaining my patent. From the start, I found Russ knowledgeable, energetic, and most of all very professional. I often had doubts about the patent process, and made numerous calls to Russ. Each and every time Russ or someone from his staff would always either return my calls, or address them on the spot putting me at ease. The entire staff is very friendly, and most of all trustworthy. Mary MacKinnon Boyd was excellent at keeping me in the loop about all the administrative aspects regarding the patent process. In my humble estimation, Russ and his staff are the best in the industry. I have and will continue to recommend anyone seeking a patent to this knowledgeable firm. For anyone reading this testimonial with any questions about the veracity of these comments, feel free to contact me at smoothmc15@sbcglobal.net -- that is how much I believe in this team!

Anthony McCoy
February 2013

Don’t waste your time looking for another patent attorney. Every other patent attorney that I talked to was all about how much money that they could receive before the process even started. When I talked to Russ, I explained to him that I had a pregnant wife, was a compensated veteran from the war in Iraq, and I was working the best I could to support my family while attending night classes in college. I told him that I had a wonderful idea called the CORD CUFF, but I knew that I couldn’t pay the upfront money it takes to get things off the ground. Russ simply said first off, "I want to thank you for your service to our country, and congrats on the upcoming child". He took the time to explain to me that the steps we have to take don’t have to be rushed. I could have never done this without this compassionate man. He took the time whenever I called to answer any question, and assured me that everything is under control. When money was tight, Russ would say, "Just send in a little payment here and there, but put that family first". He said, "I have you covered on this end". We started this process in 2009, and I am proud to say that my Ribbon Copy of my Patent on the CORD CUFF was sent to me by overnight delivery. I can’t say enough about him and his firm. When the Patent Office made a mistake with the paperwork, he and his people were right on top of things to ensure that the problem was corrected with perfect results. He even paid money out of his own pocket to fix the mess. I am truly satisfied with everything Russ Weinzimmer and his firm have done to help realize my dream for me and my family.

Dustin Watts, Johnson & Watts, Inc
February 2013

Michael Steir testimonials

“During his 17-year career at Cognex, Mike made many valuable contributions. Most recently, in his role as Vice President of Cognex Legal Department, Mike led the team of both internal staff and external law firms that successfully carried out the company’s litigation strategy to both protect our intellectual property and, as in our landmark case against Lemelson, to ensure that our customers would be able to purchase our products free from the threat of suits from patent trolls. But, it was his contributions during Cognex’s formative years that I value the most. During that time, he wore many hats and made significant contributions in areas ranging from finding and appointing distributors in Asia to the drafting and negotiating of numerous complex customer, supplier and partnership agreements. I frequently gave Mike our most difficult challenges, and he always exceeded my expectations in getting the job done on time and on…and sometimes under…budget! Mike has a very sharp business mind….I would often involve him in business discussions even outside of his area of expertise because I knew that he would give me very thoughtful, analytic and unbiased input. He might not always tell you what you want to hear…and THAT is one of his most valuable strengths. Mike is also tenacious…of all the hundreds of people at my company, he best personifies one of our core values: Perseverance….he just doesn’t stop until the job gets done. Finally, Mike is a trusted advisor whose loyalty to the company is without question.”

Dr. Robert Shillman, Chairman & CEO, Cognex Corporation

“I’ve know Mike professionally for over 20 years as a colleague and as a client. Mike has proven extremely valuable to both my technical and sales teams. He has successfully drafted and negotiated technology licensing agreements and helped establish an aggressive IP protection program including resolution of competitive IP threats. His diverse background in business development, finance, and legal has been very helpful in solving difficult problems and closing complex commercial deals with customers.”

Mitch Tsyon, CEO, Advanced Electron Beams

“I have worked with Mike Steir over the past eight years on several different projects for several different clients. Mike is a shrewd business advisor and creative problem solver who has demonstrated, time and time again, his value and effectiveness for his clients in negotiations and business encounters with other companies on matters both amicable and adversarial in nature. In one of his job assignments, Mike was primarily responsible for the growth of the patent holdings of an industry-leading company from a handful of patents to hundreds. He has managed several major litigations, overseeing the activities of both in-house personnel and outside counsel in the cases, with an extraordinary track record of success. In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Mike as a business consultant to any of my clients.”

Tom O’Konski, Partner, Cesari and McKenna, LLP, Boston

“Mike has helped us navigate complex IP and licensing issues, providing a business strategy perspective, helping to optimize our spend on legal services, and facilitating negotiations with other parties. He provides a unique combination of legal savvy and business practicality that continues to help us find creative solutions to a range of intellectual property and contract issues.”

Josh Epstein, VP Marketing,, Advanced Electron Beams

“Mike has the rare ability to tackle novel and complex situations from a legal, financial and business perspective and to quickly formulate, implement and execute winning strategies. Mike is the consummate negotiator who will optimize results for his clients in the shortest time possible. His breadth of business, contractual and drafting expertise, most especially in the high tech arena, qualify him to effectively deal with a broad range of contracts and transactional issues.”

"Mike Steir manages litigation with an incredibly unique combination of a sharp analytical mind like that of a well-seasoned attorney, a deep understanding and appreciation for corporate objectives like that of a business executive and an uncanny ability to read his opponent in formulating successful litigation strategy. It’s hard to find someone like Mike who possesses such a tenacious litigation approach while maintaining the highest ethical standards. He is remarkable at taking full advantage of his side’s strengths and exploiting his adversary’s vulnerabilities. If you’re fighting any kind of litigation – or the threat of it – Mike Steir is definitely someone you want on your side."

Peter Bielski, Director, Legal Dept., Cognex Corp.

Joe Carlen testimonials

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Joe. The CIMA that he prepared for me is crucial in moving forward with my project. Joe’s research for my specific market and his assistance in educating me with the processes have made it unbelievably easy for me to understand the target market for my invention. Joe provided me with a step-by-step outline as to what needed to be accomplished to get my invention to market. Joe’s correspondence with me throughout the process is second to none. If you are serious about getting a first-rate product for your market assessment, commercialization, and monetization for your invention, Joe is the perfect person for you.

Greg Dunson, Inventor

Mr. Carlen's market assessment was beneficial in helping me understanding the market for my product and where the best commercialization opportunities could be found! November 2015

Bobbie Allen, Health & Sanitation Inventor

As a Certified Valuation Analyst, Joe Carlen knows how to discern the value of new inventions. He did an excellent job valuing our oilfield safety device invention. January 2016

Richard & Christa Kofford, Oilfield Services Entrepreneurs

My CIMA that Joe Carlen wrote up for me is hands down the best part of my invention process. Never in a million years could I have believed the insight this report gave to me in terms of the Market, my invention, the potential growth, and who to target specifically in terms of potential licensing options. Everyone who is serious about their invention needs to do this. End of story.

Mike Glowacki

"The Invention Market Assessment (IMA) prepared by Joe Carlen is a smart choice for any inventor. It's a great way of assessing the strength of any invention. It was also very helpful in securing my first investor and commercializing my invention!"

Ken Crawford, CTB Gaming, Inc.

“As the current lead investor/adviser of Michael Weitzman's VeriScript project, I was most impressed with Joe Carlen's market assessment for VeriScript. Aside from being meticulously researched and very well-written, the document was actionable – serving as a kind of GPS system that helped guide us toward our desired strategic and financial objectives. Having served as a senior-level executive at Honeywell International for over 30 years, I can say with some authority that strategic documents of the caliber produced by Joe Carlen are a rare commodity in corporate America."

Warren Stillwell
Former Executive Vice-President & CIO
Honeywell International

"The Comprehensive Invention Market Assessment & Commercialization Plan™ (CIMA) provided by Joe Carlen is VERY thorough and it helped me understand the market for my invention and the growth dynamics of that market (both domestically & globally). Most importantly, it helped clarify the marketability of what I had invented and the best licensing opportunities to pursue”.

Howard Bullock
Consumer Products Inventor

“Joe Carlen's Market Assessments are excellent. They provide customized & professional business insight into making the best use of an invention”.

Russell Masterson

“The CIMA that was prepared for me by Joe Carlen is essential for any inventor. The CIMA was detailed and gave great insight in regards to the market which would garner the most potential for my invention. It also gave me the path forward in terms of commercialization. Moreover Joe is timely, personable and incredibly knowledgeable in the marketing arena”.

Anthony McCoy

“A CIMA provided by Joe Carlen is a 'must-have' for anyone truly serious about bringing their new idea to the marketplace. Joe made the whole process easy. He was professional, easy to work with, and ready to answer any questions I had about the process. The CIMA provides a roadmap for monetizing your idea while also providing a financial analysis that can be presented to banks, investors and other interested parties.“ January 2015

Robert Marquis
Marquis Fastener Management Systems

“Joe Carlen provides an invaluable product tailored to your specific marketing needs. The IMA is the smart choice for any inventor -- save time and gain a strategic edge.” December 2014

Eric DeForest
Mobile App Inventor

“Joe exceeded my expectations with my Market Assessment. The document was well written and explained all aspects of the potential market. After I read my Market Assessment, I had a new appreciation of how much research goes into such a thorough write-up.” July 2016

Cody Logan
Child Products Inventor