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The Carroll School of Management of Boston College is pleased to offer to the clients of Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C. an opportunity to participate in the Business Plan Project of the Boston College MBA program.

If you and your invention are selected to participate, you will receive a free, full-length business plan, prepared under the supervision of the faculty of the Carroll School of Management.

Business Plan Project

Business Plan Project class presentationThe Business Plan Project involves the development of full-length business plans written by 2nd year students in the MBA program at the Carroll School. The semester-long project involves consultation with professional Mentors, each with past entrepreneurial experience, who advise the 2nd year students about their work, as well as consultation with 3rd year law students from Boston College Law School, who offer a preliminary analysis of legal issues raised by the business plan. The semester culminates with an all-day presentation competition presenting the business plans in front of a panel of venture capitalists, attorneys, faculty members, executives, and student peers.

If your idea is selected, you will be paired with a student team for an entire academic semester. You will communicate with the team on a regular basis at least via email. You must provide the students with as much information as they’ll need to do an outstanding job. This might include samples, past research, pro forma financial statements, and legal agreements, for example.

Although the faculty strives to make these projects realistic, the MBA students are engaged in an academic project for educational purposes, and therefore they cannot perform all of the duties of a full-time professional consultant. Each team member must sign a waiver of his/her right, title and interest in your idea. Thus, the students are legally prevented from commercializing the business plan they create.

The contents of the business plan will vary by industry and idea, but will generally contain an industry and competitive analysis, marketing plan, organizational plan, risk assessment and financial analysis.

Carroll School of Management Faculty – Greg Stoller

Carroll School of Management Faculty - Greg StollerThe Business Plan Project is run by Gregory L. Stoller, a Lecturer at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. Stoller is actively involved in building the school’s entrepreneurship and international business programs.

Strategies in Entrepreneurial Finance book coverStoller also teaches second-year classes in global strategy and management, and teaches electives in entrepreneurial finance and international entrepreneurship. Previously, he taught as an adjunct faculty member at Boston University’s Graduate School of Management. Stoller is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and Harvard Business School.

Stoller is also a published author of case studies and business articles detailing the successful practices of U.S. and international firms.

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