Patent Attorneys for Individual Inventors and Entrepreneurs

If your invention is worth commercializing, then it is worth identifying and protecting the underlying intellectual property. The services of an experienced patent attorney are indispensable when you need patent protection for your invention. Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C. is particularly qualified to work with the independent inventor.

We Understand the Needs of Entrepreneurs

Most patent law firms service large corporate clients and do not understand the needs of the individual inventor and the small entrepreneur. These clients clearly benefit from working with a patent attorney who understands their specific needs. They need a patent lawyer who can assist them through the process of obtaining patent protection with straightforward advice that makes commercial sense.

Although Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C. has worked with major corporations throughout the United States, we also work with many smaller businesses and individuals to help them protect their inventions. We pride ourselves in providing the individual inventor and small business entrepreneur with personal and detailed attention to their specific needs.

Steps in Patent Protection

For many clients, the first step in obtaining patent protection is a patent search followed by an in-depth consultation with an attorney regarding the search results. We also provide a detailed search report that assists the client in understanding how the search was performed. The next step in the process is preparing the patent application. We work closely with the inventor(s) to efficiently draft a quality patent application.

If you are doing business internationally, it is important you consult with an intellectual property attorney before you plan your marketing program. Other countries treat patents differently in some ways than the U.S.A. Without proper legal guidance, you could lose your rights to your invention in foreign countries.

Financial Benefits of a Patent

There are many ways to financially benefit from a patent:

  • Sell your patent
  • License your patent to one or more parties and receive lump sum payments and/or royalty streams
  • Be the exclusive manufacturer of your invention

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The patent lawyers of Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C. can answer any questions you may have about patents, intellectual property, licensing, entrepreneurialism, and the invention commercialization processes. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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