Patent Law Services for Corporations and Universities

At Russ Weinzimmer & Associates P.C., we understand the needs of corporations as both an experienced provider and an experienced consumer of patent legal services. Our experience includes working as Chief Patent Counsel at a global high tech corporation. We have worked with Professors from universities and Chief Technology Officers from large corporations to prepare and file key patent applications, and to prosecute them to issuance.

Corporate Patent Services

Our firm provides corporate patent services — services that most law firms are not positioned or qualified to offer. These include strategic patent portfolio development and patent program management.

  • Strategic patent portfolio development includes performing an inventory of your patentable technology, and then determining the most commercially important aspects of that technology by analysis of the market and of the patents of competitors.
  • Patent program management includes in-house educational and motivational seminars on patents and intellectual property for employees and management, as well as specialized programs on engineering notebooks, patent review board leadership, and trade secret protection.

Why Hire a Small, Specialized Patent Law Firm?

In many instances, it is more effective and less expensive for corporations to send work to an independent senior-level patent attorney from a small, specialized patent law firm than to use an in-house attorney or a large patent law firm. Reasons for this include:

  • It is not cost-effective for a large firm to allow a senior-level attorney to do patent preparation and prosecution. Instead, large firms delegate complex and subtle tasks to an often inadequately supervised junior-level attorney, sometimes with only a few years of experience.
  • An in-house attorney cannot render truly objective patent infringement and validity opinions.
  • There is a high turnover-rate of junior attorneys at large patent law firms. The junior attorney that prepares a patent application will most likely not be available years later when the patent is litigated. The senior attorney that supervised the junior attorney typically has only a passing familiarity with the subject matter of the patent.

Using an independent senior-level attorney from a small, specialized patent law firm to prepare and prosecute a patent application can result in a higher quality patent, at a lower cost. That same senior-level patent attorney will be available years later to work with a large firm that specializes in patent litigation. Thus, your corporation gets the highest quality patent work at both the patent preparation phase and the patent litigation phase.

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